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My Favorite YA Ship – Shannelle C.

by Shannelle C. (@seeshannelle)

My favorite ship is like my favorite book: it’s always changing, because there are far too many of them, and they’re all great. But these days, I just can’t stop thinking about Kestrel and Arin from THE WINNER’S CURSE series, by the fantastic Marie Rutkoski.

Here are some reasons why the fact that I don’t have the last book, THE WINNER’S KISS, yet keeps me up at night.

  1. They’re smart.

Sometimes, they’re a little too smart for their own good, but I love how they can match each other in intelligence. It leads to some really witty conversation between the two that has me wishing I could be as good with comebacks as they are. Of course, their intelligence also adds a lot to the plot, and for someone who loves scheming characters, Kestrel and Arin had me hooked, especially with how they were so perfectly matched.

  1. They will fight for what they love, no matter what.

Kestrel is born into a culture of warriors, but she doesn’t want to either become a warrior or a wife, and she tries her hardest to fight against the system. Arin, though, is born into a race that were enslaved by Kestrel’s people, but that doesn’t stop him from fighting for what he believes in. The way their lives intersect also isn’t easy for them, because throughout the story, their interests conflict with each other, and it just hurts because you understand why they’re doing what they do, even though it causes problems for their relationship.

  1. They’re the most star-crossed of all star-crossed lovers.

I think the biggest reason that I ship them so hard, though, is not because they’re fantastic characters but because Marie Rutkoski is evil and has written a fantastic romance where the two are rarely together. They have not kissed enough for me, at least for the first two books. I obsess about them getting together because they’re never together. It’s absolutely cruel.

The ship, though, is only just a part of the series. All in all, while Marie Rutkoski is a good tormentor, she’s also a fantastic writer, who’s written a great fantasy series with great characters and an agonizing ship. But believe me when I say that it is worth every torturous minute, I swear.

Our favorite love triangle is between Cass, Falco, and Luca in the SECRETS OF THE ETERNAL ROSE series, by Fiona Paul. Have you read these historical romances full of mystery, intrigue, and swoony characters?

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