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My Favorite YA Ship – Ashley B.

by Ashley B. (@ashleyburns2017)

Sky and Holder were my favorite ship in YA literature when I first read the book, and they continued to be the second, and third time I read HOPELESS.

The first time I read HOPELESS I liked the idea of Sky and Holder because of all the cutesie scenes between the two of them. They had undeniable chemistry because their characters were made to be compatible. There are moments when they tease each other, and there are moments when they understand each other without even speaking. They are best friends, and that is important when it comes to love. However, I began to like then for more then that…

The second time I read HOPELESS, I liked Sky and Holder for being realistic. Often times, authors choose to portray relationships the same way that writers did in early centuries where men would be strong and protective while women would be silent, steady companions. This however, is the 21st century. I’m not saying that protectiveness and steadiness aren’t important, because they most certainly are, but in Hopeless these roles were not confined to one partner in the relationship. Sky and Holder were both protective of each other, and they both provided steadiness in each other’s times of needs. That was beautiful to me, and it taught me to be strong in my own relationships because I knew that I didn’t have to be one thing or another in order to be a good girlfriend.

The third time I read HOPELESS, I fell in love with the most important part of their relationship. Sky and Holder prove that love does last. The world did almost everything in its power to drive them apart, and they still found each other again. That is true love, and I think more people in this world could do with seeing that in real life. Just because things get difficult between you and the ones you love, doesn’t mean you love them any less. Hardship does not alter love, people who choose not to fight for each other alter love. Sky and Holder fought for their love because they understood that they were meant to be together…forever. That is why they are my favorite. I’m sure I will be re-reading this book again soon, looking for more to learn from this amazing couple.


Our favorite love triangle is between Cass, Falco, and Luca in the SECRETS OF THE ETERNAL ROSE series, by Fiona Paul. Have you read these historical romances full of mystery, intrigue, and swoony characters?

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