The Age of Rome: My Favorite Ancient Society

Our Teen Trendsetters read VENOMOUS KISS by Fiona Paul this month. VENOMOUS KISS is a historical romance set in Renaissance Venice, so we asked them about their favorite historical time periods! Check out Trendsetter Wren’s post below.

The Age of Rome: My Favorite Ancient Society

My favorite society was Ancient Rome. The first time I really learned about Ancient Rome was via the Percy Jackson series. I learned about both the Greek and Roman gods. I prefer the Greek gods, but the Roman society was fascinating. And all the comparisons between Greek and Roman.

Originally, I was in Latin before I switched to Spanish during high school. I was enraptured with the idea of the Roman society, and learning Latin was part of this. This class was my way of educating myself on Roman society.


So why do I love the Roman society so much?

1. The society expanded greatly. They did so with military conquests. The Roman military strategy was so cool. They basically used their shields and spear-things as some dangerous turtle. And the military outfits? I’d kinda like to try one. Not that I’d enjoy carrying that heavy shield… (I’m kinda physically weak) Their expansive empire was also highly commendable.


2. The cultural traditions were super cool. The way they ate. The way they honored their dead. I’d probably suffer in Ancient Rome (I’m a leftie. And they kinda hated lefties), but that’s not a sour point with me. I’d love to see their food and try some. (I can, sometimes, be adventurous when it comes to food.) Reclining on the sofa seems like the best way to relax after a hard day. Plus, the toga and tunic look comfortable. And the baths! The complex system of hot and cold water. Ah, I’d love to try this. Just not the scraping of the olive oil thing. That’s a bit scary.


3. Caesar is (probably) my favorite historical figure. Ever. He was a young general who accomplished a lot. And he was brave enough to demand leadership. I mean…whoa. Awesome, right? I really admire his accomplishments. Why did he have to be murdered? Sigh…

We here at PLL get our Mean Girls references in anywhere we can.

4. And obviously, the mythology! As I said, I prefer Greek mythology. But the origin story of Rome was something I loved completely. It’s not a myth per se since there was a Romulus and Remus. But the story is different. Not your typical Origin of the Empire tale. Raised by a she-wolf? Cool! I’d love to see what that is like. I’d like to meet Romulus and ask him what he thought about killing his brother Remus. (Sad but true.)


Would I like to go to Ancient Rome? Not really. And it’s mostly because I’d be a foreigner on Roman soil. (I’m Chinese American.) But I’d love to see the sights of Ancient Rome. Only…not during the time. I’d rather not be branded some sort of heretic. So maybe I need to go to Italy. One day.
Rome has continued on in many ways and is a well-known ancient empire even today. Many have tried to replicate Rome, but no one has recreated this amazing empire.


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