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Reading Through the Prairie

Our Teen Trendsetters read VENOMOUS KISS by Fiona Paul this month. VENOMOUS KISS is a historical romance set in Renaissance Venice, so we asked them about their favorite historical time periods! Check out Trendsetter Breanne’s post below.

Reading Through the Prairie

There’s two time periods that I love to read about, and the first one is probably pretty common. The popularity of books like The Book Thief, All the Light We Cannot See, and even The Diary of Anne Frank means World War II fiction should be pretty familiar to everybody.

So for today, let me gush about the 1800s in America. My love for that period began with Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie series. I loved the entire series, and I just love how detailed and vivid Laura Ingalls Wilder (I always say her full name in my head and I can’t think of not doing so) made her world to me. I love the family dynamic within the family, I loved seeing her develop from a child into a woman, and I loved them endlessly when I first read them as a child.


And really, how could I not? The details of their daily life was so well done, and I was happy when Pa brought back a toy, and I could almost smell the cornbread that Ma would make. I was enchanted by life in a log cabin, of traveling in the prairie, of how societies in that time worked. There’s just so much detail to it all, and it’s a wonderful series to read if you want to fall in love with another time.

I honestly don’t know of much books set in that period, and if you do, recommend them to me like right now, because I would love to push something else besides Rae Carson’s Walk on Earth a Stranger to other people. It’s different with the ability of the main character to sense gold weaved into the story, but that book still gave me a Little House on the Prairie vibe. Once again, the day to day life and the way the society functioned was very clearly depicted, and there was a lot of traveling. A covered wagon makes an appearance, and it made me start longing to read more books written in that time period (thankfully it’s part of a series!).


So if you’ve read either of the two, you should try the other. Walk on Earth a Stranger gives a modern take on that period, and the Little House series may be a classic, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good read. Don’t fight me on this. Or else.



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