Why I Love Divergent

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We asked some of our newest Trendsetters to share blog posts on topics in YA or life that matter to them. Check out 11th grader Breanne’s post, and then see what else she’s up to on Twitter @Breegreen_books!

Why I love Divergent

Hello! My name is Breanne (@Breegreen_books), I’m in grade 11, and I’m a new trendsetter for Paper Lantern Lit!

I’ve been asked to write a blog post about something I am passionate about in YA novels so I’m here to talk about my love for Divergent and how it’s affected me.

I know a lot of people hated this series for various reasons (well, one obvious one….)


However, reading these novels has taught me so much and it’s honestly one of my all-time favorite series. It’s funny, dramatic, angsty, there’s romance and friendships and it honestly has everything you could possibly look for…..including death that’s actually HONEST and makes you FEEL for the characters! It’s such a wonderful world to become a part of.

Now, the series truly focuses mainly on fear and it taught me to never let anything stop or control me. You see our main character, Tris, questioning every choice she makes but she never let anyone or anything stop her from doing what she thought was right. I admire her as a character for that because she is so strong.

Four also, our male lead, takes his fear and pushes to the side to do what he need to do. Both of these characters are two different kinds of brave. They think similarly but they act separately. I liked seeing Four go from being cut off from the world to being open and he learned to become the person he is by doing so and by letting Tris into his world.

The romance is the second thing I love about Divergent and I know, I shouldn’t focus on the romantic plot the most but I do because I want that connection to be real or else it all falls flat. Now, these two characters obviously fall in love and it feels honest. It’s not a fictional teen romance, it’s a real one where they do fight and it’s not sunshine and rainbows 24/7.


Sure, being in a dystopian world limits you’re dating abilities but they made it work and they accepted each other’s flaws and even though they disagree, a lot, they make it work and it showed me that relationships aren’t supposed to be perfect!

Something I didn’t like about the movie was how peaceful they made their relationship seem. They don’t respond to each other the same way and it just feels robotic, you know? It doesn’t focus on their feelings which is good but that takes away from their characters and you don’t see as much of their growth, both together and apart.


I learned that acceptance and honesty can hinder relationships and they do take work. It’s not just having someone by your side it’s the commitment to keeping them there and and the communication that can make or break you or the relationship itself.

Every character influenced me to want to achieve things beyond my reach. They are a piece of me that I’ll never let go of.

These novels were apart of my life for three years and to this day, I still reread them. They taught me to stand up and be strong, to be brave, to believe in myself,  to be different,and to fight for everyone and everything that I love. I was struggling with my own battles when reading these books and they truly did help me move forward. I’m so glad I read them when I did, they impacted by reading so much. Without them, I’m not even sure I would be the avid reader that I am today.

I hope everyone else has their own Divergent, and I hope everyone strives to be different because it’s awesome.

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