Why the Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchette Should be on Everyone’s TBR List!

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Why The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta should be on everyone’s TBR List

It all boils down to a single, but super important thing, the characters. As writers and readers, we know that for a book to be truly amazing, it must have an amazing plot, but more than that, it must have amazing characters. Just take a look at Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I feel that a lot of its success came from the hype, but no one can deny the reason why a lot of people are crazy about it is because of the cast. They’d different, they’re distinctive.

The thing with the Lumatere Chronicles is that the plot is so deeply connected to these characters that I don’t think anyone else could’ve replaced them in this story.


They showed me what true bravery is about.
There’s Finnikin’s undying efforts to give his people a home, Froi’s efforts to become a better person and protect those he loves, Phaedra’s efforts to fit as a wife to a man who seems to despise her but she continues to care for her people, and Quintana’s  actions from the moment she was born. Forget the Dauntless as the bravest of them all, they’ve got nothing on Quintana of Charyn.

They all had their goals and went to great lengths to do what they had to do in order to achieve them, always protecting those around them.

They showed me real flaws.
They are all damaged in some way. Froi and Quintana in particular. Man, those two. I don’t want to talk too much because the beauty is in reading about it, but I can tell you it affected the way I could decide if characters were appropriately flawed from then on. There’s nothing special about it. Purely human characteristics. And isn’t that want we want to see in books on some subconscious level? How we really are?

  • We want to do things, but we’re afraid.
  • We are afraid of failure
  • We’re afraid of victory
  • We fail
  • We succeed at some things, and something else goes to hell
  • Sometimes we suffer at the expense of others, to spare them the same pain

Some of these may not be flaws, just things that happen in life, but these kind of situations make the true essence of a person to rise, and that’s exactly what happens in the books.

Everything felt so real.

This delighted me as much as a reader and as a writer. I admire the author so much for having brought this world to life bit by bit with every single detail. Language played a crucial role here, and I liked how it wasn’t necessary to actually create the languages, but to simply state that another language was being spoken. *heart eyes* All the cultural differences between the different countries even contributed to the plot itself.

It all worked in a perfect harmony that helped (me, at least) be completely immersed in the story.



In the end, I just think it was the perfect recipe for an awesome fantasy!

The Lumatere Chronicles isn’t exactly newish, but I’ll recommend it now and forever because it’s one of those stories that you want to forget completely about and then read again to experience everything like the first time. (Of course rereading the normal way has its perks too!) I’m so happy I discovered these books, and if your thing is fantasy, romance, with casts of characters that will steal your heart away then you might want to snatch these beauties from whichever place with books is closest to you!

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