Friends Forever: Why Friendships Matter in Books, and in Life


Trendsetter Blog Post

We’ve asked some of our newest Teen Trendsetters to share their thoughts on a topic that means a lot to them in YA/publishing. This post came from Wren, a 10th grader who runs The Bookmato Chronicles and is always on Twitter @TheReadingBird.

Friends Forever

Friends are the building blocks of my life. Without my friends, I wouldn’t be much. I value loyalty and trust and, above all, friendship. After all, that’s what kept me blogging through all the rough patches of self-doubt.

So that’s why I pounce whenever I hear a book with a great friendship, be it fantasy or contemporary. Books with friendship really hit my heartstrings. Books in general are so important to me, specifically because of one of my friendships. My best friend Jenna is the person closest to me. I can’t think of someone more of my friend. She has a special place in my heart, one that has stood the test of time and distance. She lives in Florida still, but I have moved miles away to Texas.

We met through mutual friends but bonded over books and our lingering insecurities. We chat, and it feels sad sometimes when she’s not there. I miss her, every day. We met face-to-face almost two years ago. We had a lot of near-misses, but we strive to see each other one last time.

Here’s our story.

Jenna was the stereotypical type-A girl. at my private school. The straight As. The piano/violin playing. The amazing art. And, also, the insecurities. I was, in some ways, her opposite. I have straight As, but I also was a book reader and a not-so-closeted fangirl. I never hid my love of books or love of shows. I wore it proudly, like a badge.

We had similar friends. I knew of her name, distantly. In our friend group, I huddled closer to another girl from my elementary school. The two of us were the new kids to the group. Everyone else went to the same school. They knew each other. This girl, let’s call her Sunny, only had me. And I only had her. So we stuck together.

A year passes. I end up in a class with Jenna. English, in fact. We sit at the same table and have small talk. Until…James Patterson. No, he doesn’t show up to our school or anything. It’s his series the Maximum Ride one. We’re talking about it; I’m not sure why. And we realize this: we both love books. And bam! Instant connection.

Then…homeschool. I was separated from her. I saw her during our summer class where we celebrated her birthday with a bendable stuffed giraffe (courtesy of me, of course.)

I distanced myself at first. I’m a ‘don’t see you, don’t talk to you’ sort of person.

But…that year of homeschool, I discovered reality. I won’t go into the details. It’s not a pretty scene per se.

Jenna was there. I reached out to her. And she grabbed my hand. Through all the pain and suffering, she was there.

And we continued to connect through anime.

But books…they were always in the background of our friendship.

The series we truly bonded over was The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. We both loved Cinder and her antics. And we grew with the series, reading the books as they came out. It was our little secret.

This friendship meant to much to me. And it still does. And books strengthen our friendship. It solidified the bond between us. Without it, I’m not sure I could call her my best friend. I doubt we would be in contact and be this close.

Here are some awesome books about friends:

Since you’ve been gone is about a girl left behind when her friend leaves. You see how close they were and how much they cared for each other. Because of that, you can see the main character’s pain when her best friend leaves.

Truthwitch has a friendship between two witches who have a bond called a Threadsister bond. They are closer than close, and that is evident in the series.

Fans of the impossible life has a friendship between a guy and a girl. They live in their own universe, revolving around each other. Until a new guy comes in and adds to their friendship.

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