Friendships in the Throne of Glass Series

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Friendships in Throne of Glass

The first thing that came into my head when thinking of what to write for this assignment was Throne of Glass, my absolute favorite YA series! There are SO many things I could talk about regarding the Throne of Glass books, but the friendships & relationships between the characters is my favorite part of the whole series. Not only are there amazing friendships in this series, but I myself have made some really great friends because of it.

Here are my beautiful copies of the books (and my Sword of Damaris necklace, which is from the series).


Throne of Glass is written by the wonderful Sarah J Maas, and the story follows a young assassin by the name of Celaena Sardothien. In the first installment, she is taken out of her imprisonment to compete in a competition against twenty-three other skilled fighters and assassins to become the Champion for the King of Adarlan. The Champion would then work for the king, killing people as the King wishes. As Celaena moves through the competition, she makes friends, some enemies, and discovers a dark old magic lurking through the halls (and people) of the castle…

Throughout this amazing series, the main character Celaena Sardothien meets many characters. Some become her friends, others her romantic interests, and some her enemies. My favorite relationships that she had in these books were the ones that went from hatred to friendship. One of those specifically was with the one and only, fae warrior Rowan Whitethorn!


Rowan and Celaena hated each other at first, but then they learned secrets about each other, and built a relationship off of respect. They care deeply for each other, would follow each other to the ends of the earth, and would even risk their life if the other were in danger. They have such a beautiful dynamic and love each other so much.


Other friendships in this series don’t always work out very well. Two of Celaena’s closest friends end up betraying her and letting her down. This causes a rift in their relationships, and only one of them was able to make up for what they did. Despite Celaena losing these friends, I like how realistic that is. Some friends aren’t always there for you and will let you down. In real life, companions come and go, and a friend might end up losing your trust.

Sometimes, you might even lose a best friend to the hands of death. That’s what happened to Celaena twice. These deaths affected Celaena greatly, especially in one of the books where she let herself fall into a hole of depression. I as well was crushed by these deaths; Sarah sure knows how to make her readers feel heart broken.


The best kinds of friends are the friends that share the same passions as you. In the Throne of Glass series, Celaena is a huge fan of reading; romances, adventures, you name it. She meets Prince Dorian, who also shares a passion of reading and gives Celaena his favorite books for her to read and discuss with him later. Isn’t that just adorable? A friendship like that would be an amazing thing to have.

Actually, because of the Throne of Glass series, I gained a group of amazing friends. Similarly to Dorian and Celaena sharing a passion for books, this group of friends and I share a passion for Throne of Glass. We talk everyday about all kinds of books, share jokes, send books to each other, and even recommend certain titles or authors to each other. I love talking to these wonderful group of girls everyday and I would never have met them if I never read the Throne of Glass series.

There are many other great friendships in this fabulous book series, so I’d suggest picking it up as soon as possible! Who knows, you might meet someone who loves it just as much as you do, and you can make great friendships of your own! 

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