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5 Prominant Cats In Books

  1.  The Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland


    The idea behind Lewis Carroll’s iconic Cheshire Cat actually predates Alice in Wonderland. The phrase “grinning like a Cheshire cat” comes not from the book, but from England in the 18th century. Carroll used the phrase as inspiration for the creation of this classic character.

    Carroll also gave us this little gem of a quote from the Cheshire cat, which every cat owner knows is a perfect description of their little furballs of madness:

    “And how do you know that you’re mad?”

    “To begin with,” said the Cat, “a dog’s not mad. You grant that?”

    “I suppose so,” said Alice.

    “Well then,” the Cat went on, “you see a dog growls when it’s angry, and wags it’s tail when it’s pleased. Now I growl when I’m pleased, and wag my tail when I’m angry. Therefore I’m mad.”

  2. Church from The Mortal Instruments

    From Cassandra Clare’s offical tumblr

    Church is a constant presence throughout Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter series and an integral part of Clary and the gang’s existence at the Institute. Church is described as a grouchy seemingly immortal Russian Blue who hates being picked up, and often demands to be pet before putting his magical people locating skills to use. Like many other cats, of course, he hates nearly everyone, except for Jem Castairs, who rescued him from his death via pagan sacrifice.

    According to MTV, we may end up seeing Church in the show, but not for a while. “I can’t speak to it much because there are some things coming and some things in the works that I’m not quite privy to, but we’re definitely aware that Church is important — and we’re doing everything we can to make his presence known,” said Katherine McNamara, who plays Clary.

  3. Crookshanks from Harry Potter

    Half cat and half kneazle, Hermoine’s kitty always had a knack for attacking dishonest people. Whether it be when Ron and Harry were making up answers for their homework, or whenever he saw Scabbers, AKA Peter Pettigrew, it was his sole purpose in life to scratch to pieces anyone with a dishonest bone in their bodies. This proved crucial with Peter, keeping him away from many secrets that could have proved detrimental to the golden trio.

  4. Mrs. Norris from Harry Potterfuck

    A constant companion of Argus Filch, Hogwarts caretaker, she was the bane of every student’s misbehaving existence. If a student got caught breaking the rules within an eyeshot of Mrs. Norris, the punishment happy Argus Filch would be soon to follow. Harry, Ron, and Hermione often barely escaped her during their nightly strolls through the school. Harry suspected that she could eve see through the invisibility cloak, as she stared right at the supposedly empty spot they were standing in.

  5. Aslan from The Chronicles of Narniadownload

    Literature’s most favorite benevolent magical lion, Aslan is a godlike character that appears all throughout C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. Like many  wise wizard types that serve as a guide for the main characters, he often disappears at the most inconvenient times, in order for the other main characters to have to go on a quest, which is infinitely more interesting than Aslan saying “Hold up, I got this!”

    Lucy gets a few opportunities to ride him, which to be honest, makes us mighty jealous, because who wouldn’t want to ride and snuggle up to a very friendly huge cat? The ones we have IRL are too bitey.

Which other cats of YA lit do you love? Let us know on Twitter @Paperlanternlit. 


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