5 Tools for Distraction Free Writing

Writing a book is hard. Writing a book with the internet at your fingertips, coaxing you into a million distractions, is even harder. Here are five tools you can use RIGHT NOW to make your writing time distraction free!

  1. Ommwriterscreen800x500Ommwriter is perhaps one of the most unique and intriguing writer’s tools. Utilizing clean graphic design elements with soothing background music, Ommwriter aims to take the stress and distraction out of writing. And when you’ve got a million possible ways to distract yourself, from the neverending happiness that is tumblr, to that New Girl marathon you are just dying to continue. I am totally not talking about myself here, although I just watched the episode where Jess was… Oh what was a talking about? Ah yes, Ommwriter. At only $5.11, this is a great program for people who need a little help concentrating on doing what they love. (For instance, everyone) For PC, Mac, and iPad. Get it here.
  2. Write or DiewriteordieWrite or Die has this very dramatic name for a good reason. Once you set a word count and time, it will track your keyboard to see if you are typing. If you are not, it starts deleting your words! With this app, there is no way to pause, so there is no possible leeway for any type of distraction, which seems like a great thing, because no matter how peaceful apps like Ommwriter may be, it won’t prevent you from skipping over to check facebook or twitter, and all of a sudden you’ve got this really pretty word processor with not one word written on it! Available in the App store, as well as the browser version on their website, which is located here.
  1. Focus Boosterfocus-booster[1]This program uses the Pomodoro Technique, which breaks up your work into short 25 minute spurts, interspersed with short 3-5 minute breaks. The timer has a bar that turns from green to red depending on how much time you have left. The bad thing about this app is that it has no pause button on it. The great thing about this app is that it has no pause button on it. Focus Booster forces you to keep working, or else the whole timing of your writing gets off, so you can’t exactly cheat tell yourself “I’ll just watch one episode of New Girl, I promise!” You won’t. You know you won’t. Available for PC and Mac here.
  2. Write Monkeywm_sc3Write Monkey is a slimmed down word processor that looks like something out of the age of typewriters. It even makes the typewriting noise so you really feel like you are doing something. The best part is that, unlike Ommwriter, it is completely free! Available for Windows here.
  3. Novlrnov-wiretm-672x372Novlr is a new word processor to the distraction free writer’s arena. They not only have a distraction free interface, but they are constantly updating the program to create an even more comprehensive experience. It is a lot like Ommwriter, but there are a lot more services included, as well as a price tag of $10 a month because of the constant updating of features. Available for Windows here.

2 thoughts on “5 Tools for Distraction Free Writing

  1. There’s also one called FocusWriter that I use (free but you can tip with your download) It’s a great distraction-free writing program similar to Write Monkey and Ommwriter! 🙂 xx

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