10 Things That Happen When You Are Obsessed With Books

  1. You have to start getting creative with your bookshelves. And by “bookshelves” I mean book sized empty surfaces.


  2. A visit to the bookstore for one book usually turns into a wallet busting shopping spree.

    Dear me,
    Where exactly did you think we would put all these newly purchased books? Because it is not in the house.
    Love, Me

  3. You often buy a bunch of new books, even though you haven’t even begun to finish any books from your last trip to the book store.


  4. When people ask you to go out and you can’t say “No I’m just really into this book right now and I don’t want to leave the house.”


  5. You keep on saying “Just one more page!” until it is 3 AM and you have to get up for work tomorrow.


  6. When you are really into a book, you forget to blink and your eyes turn into the Sahara Desert.


  7. Books that you get at the library get lost in the infinite piles of books that you own.


  8. You are constantly conflicted on whether you want to buy a physical book or an ebook.

    Ebooks are quick and easy but what if you really like the book and want a physical representation of your love?

  9. You only realize you’ve been pronouncing a character’s name wrong when you hear other people say it.


  10. You meet so many amazing new friends through your love of books and form a strong bond over deep discussions about your fav books.

    You were all there for each other when Dumbledore died. Nothing can break that bond.

What else happens to you when you’re obsessed with books? Let us know in the comments below!


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