8 Reasons Why You Need To Stop What You Are Doing And Watch Colin O’Donoghue in “The Words” Music Video

  1. This closeup of Colin’s facetumblr_nirrmbfeib1rs555ko2_540

  2. Dat profile thoanigif_optimized-14617-1422415010-21

    He makes breathing look good.

  3. What was the plot of this music video again?

    The shirt went off along with my recollection of anything that happened before this moment.

  4. Clavicals… more like can-i-haz-icles amirite?anigif_enhanced-buzz-16460-1422415299-25

    Or am I right? (Hint: I’m right)

  5. All hail Christina Perri, who has bestowed bathtub Colin on us.

    Blessed is the steam that rises from this bathtub.

  6. Bonus: Post bath face washinganigif_enhanced-buzz-21631-1422415430-15


    I don’t know about you, but it’s getting hot in here.anigif_enhanced-buzz-16874-1422417671-27

  7. Just THIS. All of this.anigif_enhanced-buzz-1129-1422415332-12anigif_enhanced-buzz-32230-1422415369-18anigif_enhanced-buzz-29169-1422415380-17

  8. If smirks could kill, I’d be dead thrice over.anigif_optimized-29104-1422416980-1


Watch the full video below, in all of it’s Colin O’Donoghue glory.


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