5 Reasons Why You Need to Read The Magicians by Lev Grossman

  1. Do you miss Harry Potter? Of course you do.giphy

    Lev Grossman took a lot of inspiration from the Harry Potter books. There is a magical school called Brakebills, but it is a university instead of a prep school. So instead of getting into polyjuice potion, the main character, Quentin, along with his friends get into alcohol and parties. It is not an exact replica of Harry Potter, but an exploration of what would happen to Hogwarts kids if they went to a magical college.

  2. There is a Narnia-like land called “Fillory.”tumblr_mh7qriahfo1qfkex5o2_500

    Grossman was also inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia, even including a secondary story about the Chatwin siblings, who get transported into Fillory through a magical clock. Quentin is a HUGE fan of the series, and the two stories are beautifully intertwined to pretty much blow your mind at the end of the trillogy.

  3. You know how you kind of get the sense that Ron always swore? Well you don’t have to imagine in this book.tumblr_njfdbzvlvx1u1vo97o1_500

    Not only do the characters swear, but they get into all kinds of crazy, magically fueled madness. Throughout the books, Grossman explores the idea that magic would be a kind of drug to his characters, who are constantly chasing cooler magic, AKA a better high. It makes for an intense and entertaining story—especially when that high wears off and the characters must face the consequences of their actions.

  4. The main characters, especially Quentin, are imperfect, insecure, teenagers that grow into complex 30 somethings within a span of three books.

    Only part of the first book actually takes place at Brakebills University. The rest of the series hops from different parts of our world to *spoiler alert* Fillory. Grossman also wanted to explore what life would be like for people who were gifted with god like powers and no important cause or goal to direct them towards. How would having magic impact a person’s development in life? The Magicians aims to answer this question.

  5. It’s a TV show!

You can watch The Magicians pilot by clicking here. 


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