Our Top Staycation Reads


We’ve all been there: everyone you know is going on vacation, but you’re stuck at home all through the holidays. Well this year we’ve got you covered—just turn your unintended holiday-at-home into the ULTIMATE bookish staycation! Here’s our list of books to read this winter: they’ll keep you cozy, motivate you, or take you to places you never thought your mind could travel. And the best part is: you can wear pajamas the whole time!


Travel to Aldermere, where every human has a special bond with their own animal kin. While you’re at home avoiding the cold, have adventures with Bailey and his friends while they stop the evil Dominae from destroying the Animas bond forever.

Click here to download ANIMAS: Legacy of the Claw

Click here to download ANIMAS: Flight of the King


Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t take a cruise! Join Liza and her marching bandmates as they compete aboard the Destiny to save their club from budget cuts. Based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this book has romance, missed connections, and a whole lot of fun.


Click here to download THE TROUBLE WITH DESTINY


Journey to ancient Macedon and meet Alexander before he became Great. A historical fantasy for fans of Rae Carson, Sarah J Maas and Sabaa Tahir, this book will not only take you through hot deserts with armored soldiers, into luxurious palaces laden with dark secrets, and beyond—but it will bring magic to your staycation!


Click here to download LEGACY OF KINGS


This one’s for grown-ups, but if you’re a historical romance fan, this series of erotic novellas based on Biblical characters will knock your socks off. Travel back in time to the stories of three brave, seductive women—all of whom must risk their own lives, and loves, for the greater good.

01 S&H_Bundle1_Cover

Click here to download the SIN AND HONEY collection


Oh, the weather outside is frightful…but if you read enough about summertime, maybe it will come around quicker! Take your mind off of winter with this story of friendship, first love, and second chances (and it’s written by PLL co-founder Lexa Hillyer!)


Click here to download PROOF OF FOREVER


Another warm-weather read to get you through the tail end of your staycation—or should we say 4 reads? The Stolen Kiss Collection is about love, secrets, and revelations, and it all takes place in Asheville, North Carolina, the town of sunshine! (ONE WEEK is the free short story, so check that one out first!)

Click here to download the STOLEN KISS COLLECTION


Finally, if you’re like us and staying put in NYC this winter, you’ve got to check out ETERNAL NIGHT. It tells the story of six gods (and goddesses!) living in the city that never sleeps…and when one of them mysteriously dies, they must come together despite eons of baggage to defeat an impending apocalypse.

Web Friendly EN

Click here to download ETERNAL NIGHT



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