Holiday Shopping for Book Nerds!

Fave Thanksgiving Reads.jpg

Real talk: while it’s super fun to shop for friends, family, classmates and co-workers during the holidays, it can also be stressful. So we’ve taken the stress out of the shopping for you! Enjoy our list of tips, tricks, and gifts for your book-lovers of all types this holiday season.


Noise-canceling headphones (Especially beneficial for writers who commute! Train noise=no writing.)

A coffee-of-the-month subscription (because what writer can survive without caffeine? If they’re a tea person, they have those for tea, too!)

An aromatherapy diffuser like this one. (Because writing is stressful.)

A mini at-home spa gift basket from LUSH (so they can relax between writing binges.)


Swag from their favorite fandom! (Etsy is the best place to look for fandom fun. Dr. Who coffee mugs, Throne of Glass computer decals, Sherlock bookmarks, Harry Potter EVERYTHING.)

Homemade butterbeer! (Here are some cheap DIY’s for this.)

A box-set of their favorite author’s books (yes, they probably already own them if they’re that devoted, but every fangirl or boy needs a vanity shelf!)

Get an artistic print of their favorite fandom quote (again, Etsy is the be-all-end-all here.)


Mom obsessed with her iPad? Keep it simple and get her some iTunes gift cards–or better yet, gift her some books you think she’d like directly on the device!

A new iPad or Kindle case is a definite win for the digital reader. (Take our advice, go Etsy on this. The handmade items give it an extra personal touch.)

Some literary-themed candles, so they can feel like they’re reading in an historical tavern despite the glow of their e-reader.


Got a family member who refuses to advance to the modern age of digital e-readers? Not a problem. Every old-school reader can use a new, personalized bookmark.

A library card print of their favorite book quote!

A package of Oprah’s Book Club favorite titles (here’s the entire list for reference).

A clip-on reading light so they can even read in the dark.

And if you’re in a rush, some gifts that work for everyone!

A beautiful notebook for journaling, writing down ideas, or keeping notes (Etsy, Brit + Co, and Anthropologie have some beautiful ones!)

A desk organizer (because all New Year’s resolutions start with organization, right?)

Some bookends to brighten up any bookshelf (we like these, and these).

We hope you have a fun, safe and book-filled holiday season. If there are any gifts we missed that we absolutely should know about, tell us in the comments!




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