One Line Wonders!

Sometimes all it takes is a single sentence to create a lasting impression after a story is over, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite powerful and hilarious one-liners by our own PLL authors!

“Don’t count yourself out before you even start the game. If you want it, you can get it.”
– Kerry Winfrey, Love & Other Alien Experiences

“Maybe life was more about having fun and letting your heart lead the way instead of just rationalizing everything.”
– Monica B. Wagner, FROSH: First Blush

“The only person who can make you miserable is yourself, if you hold back because you’re too afraid of failure to take a chance.”
– Shana Norris, The Boyfriend Thief 

“Anything you can think of, anything you can imagine—is real.. somewhere.”
– Anya Allyn, Dollhouse

“For once, I’m going to let myself have all the strawberries I want.”
– Lauren Morrill, The Trouble with Destiny

“I feel myself losing control but at the moment I don’t care.”
– Alexandra Diaz, When We Were

“You’re all wrapped up in blankets, and you look like a delicious lady-sandwich.”
– Kate Ellison, The Butterfly Clues

“A drunk, cranky toddler is precisely what I am in the mornings before coffee.”
– Jenna Mullins, Rules of Seduction

“You must feel like a caged bird, battering its wings against the sides of its golden prison.”
– Fiona Paul, Venom


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