Give in to temptation…

01 SevenYearsofLonging_02252015_b (1) 02 TouchofBetrayal_CVR_final 03 ForLoveoftheEnemy_CVR_final2

SIN AND HONEY by Taryn Scarlett is a romance series based on Biblical characters—it’s so steamy that it’s practically sinful! So we gathered up our favorite sizzling, dark, romantic and dramatic quotes from the third novella, FOR LOVE OF THE ENEMY. Which one makes you swoon…or tingle with fear?

lovetheenemy19 lovetheenemy17 lovetheenemy18 lovetheenemy14 lovetheenemy13 lovetheenemy11 lovetheenemy12 lovetheenemy10 lovetheenemy8 lovetheenemy7 lovetheenemy5 lovetheenemy6 lovetheenemy1 lovetheenemy2

FOR LOVE OF THE ENEMY is available for purchase here, for just $1.99!


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