Pick Your Favorite #BandBooksWeek Cover!

It’s Banned Books Week, the time during which we celebrate the ignorance and stupidity that causes people to ban books. *eyeroll*

While there are sure some books out there in the world that we’d all be glad to never read again, we’re of the mindset that free speech means anyone should be able to write what they want—and read what they want, too! So we decided to have a little fun with the #BandBooksWeek hashtag and make mashups of some of the best ones we found.

  1. Harry Potter and the Rolling Stones


2. The Lorde of the RingsLordeofRings

3. Courtney Love in the Time of Cholera


4. The Girl With the Dragon T.A.T.U.tatu

5. The Wonderful Wizard of OzzyWizardofOzzy

Sometimes the best thing you can do when confronted with scary—like censorship—is to make it silly! Which banned book is your favorite? Which #BandBooksWeek combo has you in fits of giggles?


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