All of the LEGACY OF KINGS Things!

9780373211722_FCproof (1)

There’s a LOT of LEGACY OF KINGS things going on, so we wanted to create 1 blog post, with all the info, just for you! Here’s everything you need to know (aka all the FUN STUFF you can see/read/do) when it comes to LEGACY OF KINGS:

  1. Pre-order rewards are still being offered! Email your proof of pre-order to ehermanlegacy@gmail.com and get a SIGNED customized bookplate from Eleanor Herman! You can pre-order here, and the bookplates look like this: CLkTGplWIAApx-C

2. Chapter 2 of LEGACY OF KINGS can be read here! It’s an Alexander chapter, and you meet his best friend (and quasi-bodyguard, Hephaestion).

3. There are THREE trailers for LEGACY OF KINGS—and you may want to be prepared for more!

Watch Zofia’s trailer on Hypable!

Watch Alex’s trailer on MTV!

Watch Kat’s trailer on GirlsLife!


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