In honor of Lexa Hillyer’s PROOF OF FOREVER, a story of second chances, summertime, and of course, soul-sisterhood, we want to celebrate all our favorite YA BFFS!

Vote for your favorite YA BFF pairing from the couples below so they can advance to the next round. Round 1 voting ends Monday 5/18! Which YA BFF will last 4Ever? You decide!

BFF Bracket_Picture VS copy

Lena & Hannah Vs. Halley & Scarlett

Olivia & Zoe vs. Harry, Ron & Hermione

Regan & Dee Vs. Lena, Carmen, Bridget, & Tibby

Augustus & Isaac Vs. Aria, Spencer, Emily & Hannah

Kristy, Claudia, Mary-Anne, & Stacey Vs. Cinder & Iko

Mia & Lily Vs. Meg, Jo, Amy & Beth

Lexa Hillyer’s PROOF OF FOREVER is available for pre-order here! 


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