Kiss_Tell Bracket 4

After last week’s TIE between Lena and Alex & Celaena and Chaol (that was broken with a rapid-fire Twitter tie-breaker) we’ve finally narrowed it down to the final two couples! One of these couples will win the ultimate prize…they will live to KISS AND TELL.

You can win a prize, too! Share the link to this post on Twitter and enter to win the entire trilogy of Jacqueline Green’s TRUTH OR DARE series: TRUTH OR DARE, SECRETS AND LIES, and KISS AND TELL. 

THE FINAL TWO! Voting lasts until Friday2/27 at Midnight, so get voting:

Celaena & Chaol, CROWN OF MIDNIGHT

“‘There’s no way in hell I’m getting out of this bed and going for a run,’ he murmured onto her head. She chuckled quietly. His hands grazed lower, down her back, not even stumbling over the scar tissue. He’d kissed every scar on her back, on her entire body, last night.” – CROWN OF MIDNIGHT

PLL Marketing Associate Tara says: bow chikka wow wow! I love this afterglow moment between Celaena and Chaol– for a scene to be sexy it doesn’t necessarily need to be pretty. The detail of the scars add an interesting intensity and specificity to the scene that make it romantic.

Hazel & Augustus, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

“As his parted lips met mine, I started to feel breathless in a new and fascinating way. The space around us evaporated, and for a weird moment I really liked my body; this cancer-ruined thing I’d spent years dragging around suddenly seemed worth the struggle…” – THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

PLL Editorial Fellow Alexa says: Hazel Grace perfectly captures the way a first kiss isn’t only about loving the other person (in her case the inimitably charming Augustus Waters), but also about learning to love yourself.


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