Elite Eight: THE #LOVEFEUDS Continue!

It’s down to the wire in today’s edition of the The #LOVEFEUDS. We’re impressed with how far these couples have made it, but which one will win the title of ULTIMATE YA COUPLE? Only YOU can decide! The polls will be open until Tuesday at midnight, so make sure to vote (and get all your friends to vote too!). Feeling especially fold of the couple that you’re rooting for? Send us a tweet using #LoveFEUDS @paperlanternlit and tell us why!
Impossible Love Original_9.22Sydney & Adrian, The Bloodlines Series vs. Tessa & Will, The Infernal Devices

Sydney & Adrian, The Bloodlines Series: Your classic star-crossed lovers belong to two radically opposed factions of supernatural society. They break countless rules and disregard countless stigmas in an inspiring pursuit of love. –PLL Trendsetter Reut

Tessa & Will, The Infernal Devices: these two have to battle with the fact that warlocks and Shadowhunters are not allowed to be together. Add in the fact that Tessa is about to marry Will’s best friend, and you have some complications. –PLL Trendsetter Alexandra

Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy, Pride & Prejudice vs. Isla & Josh, Isla and The Happily Ever After

Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy, Pride & Prejudice: Well this lovely couple had to overcome pride and prejudice. (Imagine that!) The differences between their social standings deterred their love for each other throughout most of the book. The pride they have in themselves and the prejudice their families have for each other trapped them in an endless cycle until they both put it all aside and realized that they were actually perfect for one another. –PLL Trendsetter Corrine

Isla & Josh, Isla and The Happily Ever After: Isla and Josh have a beautiful, perfect, artistic, international love, but Isla is her own worst enemy and must overcome her own insecurities for their love to last. –PLL Trendsetter Kate H

Adam and Mia from If I Stay vs. Kent & Sam, Before I Fall

Adam and Mia from If I Stay: They bicker and they have complex lives and ambitions that drive them apart much like normal teenagers but when it comes down to it, Adam fights for Mia. Their romance is built on intensity and friendship, passionate and soul-deep, the exact kind of romance that readers and people love to find. It’s a story and a romance that will stay with you. –PLL Trendsetter Grace

Kent & Sam, Before I Fall: Sam was a high school popular girl distracted by Mean Girls-esque drama: parties, popular boys, booze, and overall catty-ness. But when she “dies” in a car accident and is forced to relive her last days over and over, she realizes that the guy she should have been paying attention to all along was sweet and nerdy Kent. Their love proves that it’s never too late for second chances. –PLL Trendsetter Emily H.

Finnic & Annie, The Hunger Games vs. Lena & Alex, Delirium

Finnic & Annie, The Hunger Games: Much like my first contribution to the list, this relationship experiences some… Difficulties towards the end of the series. 😉 never the less, the two love each other, and remain forever dedicated to their relationship. –PLL Trendsetter Maddie

Lena & Alex, Delirium: Okay obviously I think Lena and Alex have had the most to overcome considering love is illegal in their world. Love should literally be impossible for them thanks to a medical procedure, but they produce one of the truest and self sacrificing loves during their time together in Delirium. They’re my modern day Romeo and Juliet. –PLL Trendsetter Corinne


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