LAST ROUND 1 OF THE LOVE FEUDS: “I Knew You Were Trouble”

We’ve got some huge match up for today’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” division! The couples below have fought and conquered corrupt governments, overcome tremendous stereotypes, and survived terrifying dystopian societies to be together. Who do you think deserves to be the ULTIMATE YA COUPLE?

Impossible Love Original_9.10

Vote as many times as you’d like; the polls will close tomorrow, September 3, at midnight. Share who you voted for by using #LoveFEUDS on twitter!



June & Day, Legend series vs. Kyra & Tristam, The Midnight Thief

June & Day, Legend series: Imagine everything that could go wrong for two people in love in a dystopian society, and it happens to June and Day. Torn alliences, illness, lies, all of it. Tears them in two different directions, but always find a way back to each other. —PLL Trendsetter Alexandra

Kyra and Tristam, The Midnight Thief:  They say opposites attract, so I guess the same goes for an assassin and a palace knight! When Kyra and Tristam are thrown together in the middle of a raid, they realize that their best chance of survival is to stick together…even if they might not like one another at first. Over time, their trust builds and dislike turns to friendship, and friendship turns to love! But once they are united, they have much more to lose if their fail: each other. —PLL Trendsetter Emily H


Tom & Medusa, Insignia vs. Ada & Stefan, Going Over

Tom Raines & Medusa, Insignia: The two are on opposite sides of a world war. Tom has some serious problems with not giving Medusa enough credit. Medusa is called Medusa because her face is so disfigured no one can fix it. Oh, did I mention they were fighting on opposites sides of a world war? —PLL Trendsetter Julianna

Ada & Stefan, Going Over: The Berlin Wall divides these two would-be romantics, only allowing them to see each other four times a year, and Stefan spends the book plotting his escape to West Berlin to be with Ada.  –PLL Trendsetter Emily R.

Sera & Zen, Unremembered vs. Gretchen & Daniel, Prisoner of Night and Fog 

Sera & Zen, Unremembered: These two are constantly on the run from a diabolical futuristic company that created Sera and wants her for its own nefarious purposes. –PLL Trendsetter Emily R.

Gretchen & Daniel, Prisoner of Night and Fog: He’s a Jew. She’s Hitler’s niece. Enough said. –PLL Trendsetter Emily R.

Kitty & Knox, Pawn vs. Finnic & Annie, The Hunger Games  

 Finnic & Annie, The Hunger Games: Much like my first contribution to the list, this relationship experiences some… Difficulties towards the end of the series. 😉 never the less, the two love each other, and remain forever dedicated to their relationship. —PLL Trendsetter Maddie

Kitty & Knox, Pawn: Kitty Doe was Masked: physically transformed to be identical to one of the government’s most prominent individuals, Lila Hart. Lila is dead, and it’s Kitty’s job to pretend to be just like her, or they’ll kill her…or worse, she’ll never see the boyfriend she left behind. But Knox, Lila’s former fiance, definitely catches her eye during her time in the capitol, and seems more interested in Kitty than he ever was in Lila! —PLL Trendsetter Emily H.


America & Max, The Selection vs. Ruby & Liam, The Darkest Minds

America & Max, The Selection: America is selected by the Kingdom to be one of the girls competing for Prince Maxon’s heart (and a place as his bride and therefore future Queen of Illea), but she doesn’t care: she’s got a secret boyfriend at home, Aspen. However once arriving in the capitol and spending time with Maxon, she realizes he is nothing like she thought he was, and starts to develop feelings for him. But competing to become a princess while there’s a rebellion against the monarchy certainly isn’t easy! —PLL Trendsetter Emily H.

Ruby & Liam, The Darkest Minds: these two have to battle not only the government, but also a rising rebellion that is tearing them apart. On top of that, Ruby tries so hard to push Liam away in order to save him from her dark powers and the rebels that want to use Ruby. —PLL Trendsetter Alexandra

Katniss & Peeta, The Hunger Games Trilogy vs. Alek & Ethan, One Man Guy

Katniss & Peeta, The Hunger Games Trilogy: This couple is a perfect example of impossible love. Coming together to try to beat the arena of death in the Hunger Games, they refuse to kill each other so that they can be together. Although Katniss does not admit her feelings for Peeta until the second book, she knows that she cannot live without him, even though they are once again faced with the Games in Catching Fire, and then are separated by the Capitol in Mockingjay. The two would sacrifice everything for each other, and at many times within the trilogy, they do just that. —PLL Trendsetter Caitlin

Alek & Ethan, One Man Guy: Alek Khederian didn’t really know what his sexual orientation was. That is, until Ethan came skateboarding into Alek’s heart. Although his parents are opposed to the idea of Alek being gay, with time, they accept him and Ethan for who they are. (If you were thinking an adorable couple, you’re right!) —PLL Trendsetter Amy

Tris & Tobias, Divergent Trilogy vs. Charlie & Max, The Pledge

Tris & Tobias, Divergent Trilogy: Tris and Tobias have difficulties in their relationship different from the others on this list. While their relationship is able to flourish through the first book regardless of the societal problems that occur, the next two books bring issues to their relationship, as they are unable to maintain each other’s trust amidst the collapse of the faction system in futuristic Chicago. Finally, the two are able to put aside their differences and isolate their love from the destruction of the world that they know. —PLL Trendsetter Caitlin

Charlie & Max, The PledgeCharlie can understand all the languages and Max is a royal to the terrible regime. Charlie and Max has to stay away from Max’s grandmother for his Grandmother has been looking for Charlie for years to kill her. —PLL Trendsetter Sally

Lena & Alex, Delirium vs. Cassie & Ky, Matched series

Lena & Alex, Delirium: Okay obviously I think Lena and Alex have had the most to overcome considering love is illegal in their world. Love should literally be impossible for them thanks to a medical procedure, but they produce one of the truest and self sacrificing loves during their time together in Delirium. They’re my modern day Romeo and Juliet. —PLL Trendsetter Corinne

Cassia & Ky, Matched series: Cassia is thrilled when she’s matched to marry her childhood friend, Xander, but there’s a glitch in her microcard, and when she looks for more information on Xander, she sees the face of Ky instead. When she’s paired with Ky during an organized activity and he challenges her to question the rules of their society, Cassia realizes she has feelings for him. But acting on those feelings would mean defying their hyper controlled government—drama! —PLL Trendsetter Hannah 



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