For today’s couples, death was a powerful obstacle to their romance, and some cases, death triumphed. Which couples do you think had the most IMPOSSIBLE LOVE? Vote below to let us know!

Impossible Love Original_9.8

Lex & Driggs, The Croak Trilogy vs. Kate & Vincent, The Revenants Trilogy

Lex & Driggs: The Croak Trilogy: Without giving too much away, let’s just say the romance between these two Grim Reapers is both a true-to-life brand of teenage awkwardness as well as a distinctly paranormal angst fest. –PLL Trendsetter Reut

Kate & Vincent: The Revenants Trilogy: Vincent is a revenant: someone who can sacrifice their life for others and be brought back to life later. The trauma of losing Vincent so many times over would be enough to drive anyone away, but Kate stays… and then stuff gets real. –-PLL Trendsetter Reut

Adam & Mia, If I Stay vs. Peter & Wendy, Peter Pan

Adam and Mia from If I Stay: They bicker and they have complex lives and ambitions that drive them apart much like normal teenagers but when it comes down to it, Adam fights for Mia. Their romance is built on intensity and friendship, passionate and soul-deep, the exact kind of romance that readers and people love to find. It’s a story and a romance that will stay with you. —PLL Trendsetter Grace

Peter and Wendy from Peter Pan by JMBarrie. This may be a weird one, but I love it. Despite the fact they go separate ways in the end, Peter and Wendy always had a special connection, that could never be replaced. —PLL Trendsetter Maddie

Elena & Damon, The Vampire Diaries vs. Eleanor & Daniel, Something Strange and Deadly

Elena & Damon, The Vampire Diaries: The book series bares little resemblance to the TV show– for example, in the book series, Elena actually dies! Damon has to go to unheard of lengths to try and get her back…including teaming up with his other brother who wants her heart. But eventually their love prevails and Elena returns as an angel!  –PLL Trendsetter Emily H.

Eleanor & Daniel, Something Strange and Deadly: This pairing is amazing. And despite some… Difficulties, that occur in the trilogies end, it’s a love that seems to be infinite. —PLL Trendsetter Maddie

Nikki & Jack, Everneath vs. Romeo & Juliet, Romeo & Juliet

Nikki & Jack, Everneath: After she and Jack had a falling out, Nikki made the unfortunate choice of falling for an Underworld deity who wants to overtake the realm with her as his queen. In order to get out of his clutches, she and her REAL love brave deadly obstacles in the Underworld. —PLL Trendsetter Emily R.


Romeo & Juliet, Rome & Juliet: While this isn’t a novel, I feel that this love story is truly one of the greats. Romeo and Juliet are separated by brutal family rivalry. Through disapproval by nearly everyone Romeo and Juliet care about, the two pursue their love toward one another. Even with death as a factor, both find a way to remain together. —PLL Trendsetter Amy

Cate & Travis, Noggin vs. Hazel & Augustus, The Fault in Our Stars

Cate & Travis, Noggin: Imagine moving away for five years. Everything is different, yet somehow, oddly enough, the same. Now picture yourself with a different body, but the same head. Travis Coats is only the second person to have a successful head removal surgery that is later placed onto another body. When he comes back, he is determined to get his old life back, including making stupendous memories with his previous girlfriend, Cate.  Even through disease, body changes, and years in between, Travis’s devotion to Cate is undeniable. She will forever have an imprint on both his hearts. —PLL Trendsetter Amy

Hazel & Augustus, The Fault in Our Stars: I could not pass up submitting this couple: No, they didn’t overcome cancer together, but they did take what was bad and unfair in both of their lives and loved anyway. They made the choice to love one another no matter what the future held for them, because passing it up wasn’t an option. —PLL Trendsetter Corinne

Duval & Ismae, Grave Mercy vs. Liv and Malcolm, Liv Forever

Liv and Malcolm, Liv Forever: When Liv is murdered after a few weeks after enrolling at the prestigious Wickham Hall, she’s sure that her love for Malcom is doomed–even though she’s now a ghost, he still can’t see or talk to her. However, with the help of her friend Gabe, who can see and talk to ghosts, Liv and Malcolm are able to maintain their romantic connection. —PLL Trendsetter Hannah 

Duval & Ismae, Grave Mercy: As Death’s daughter, Ismae is required to kill whomever the God commands. But when her next assignment is the man who stole her heart, Ismae rebels and true love reigns. –PLL Trendsetter Kate

Mara & Noah, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer vs. Harry and Ginny, Harry Potter Series

 Mara & Noah, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer: Relationships are never easy. Especially when you can kill the guy you love with just a single touch? That takes teen romance to a whole new level. But Mara and Noah pull it off so well. —PLL Trendsetter Alexandra

Harry & Ginny, Harry Potter Series: So, unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Harry did actually have to die in order to come back, kill Voldemort, and be with his lady love, Ginny! But a huge part of their journey was Harry realizing that Ginny is one of the strongest witches in history, and she doesn’t need him to stay away from her to protect her. Sometimes fighting for love means you get a little dirty!  –PLL Trendsetter Emily H.


Kent & Sam, Before I Fall vs. Keturah & Lord Death, Keturah & Lord Death

Kent & Sam, Before I Fall: Sam was a high school popular girl distracted by Mean Girls-esque drama: parties, popular boys, booze, and overall catiness. But when she “dies” in a car accident and is forced to relive her last days over and over, she realizes that the guy she should have been paying attention to all along was sweet and nerdy Kent. Their love proves that it’s never too late for 2nd chances. –PLL Trendsetter Emily H.

Keturah & Lord Death, Keturah & Lord Death: Keturah meets Lord Death and bargains for three days to find her one true love in exchange for story telling. But when she starts falling for Lord Death, everything changes. —PLL Trendsetter Hannah



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