THE LOVE FEUDS CONTINUE! Round 1: “Haters Gonna Hate”

Today’s couples have overcome haters of all kinds to be together, but which ones are the most worthy of surviving IMPOSSIBLE LOVE? Vote below to let us know!

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Vote as many times as you’d like; the polls will close tomorrow, September 3, at midnight. Share who you voted for by using #LoveFEUDS on twitter!

Eleanor & Park, Eleanor & Park vs. Allyson & Willem, Just One Day 

Eleanor & Park, Eleanor & Park: I have to put this one in here because Eleanor & Park is my favorite. This love isn’t one set in a scary fantasy world, but in modern society, which I think is just as scary. High standards are set for everyone of every gender, race, and culture, especially when it comes to love. The fact that Eleanor and Park each accepted each other eventually through insecurities and bullies and family really exhibits a love that could combat anything. —PLL Trendsetter Katherine

Allyson & Willem, Just One Day and Just One Year: The unwillingness to let each other be “the one who got away” means that the connection between Allyson and Willem crosses oceans and much time spent apart, but it’s their individual journeys in that time apart that makes them worth rooting for. –PLL Trendsetter Reut

Deryn Sharp & Prince Aleksandar, The Leviathan Trilogy vs. Annabel & Owen, Just Listen

Deryn Sharp & Prince Aleksandar, The Leviathan Trilogy: Deryn and Aleksander meet on an airship during the brink of WWI. Deryn’s peasant status and Alek’s royal one would have made their love impossible, had it not been for the war. They both make immense sacrifices and disrupt social order, to fight for what is right. —PLL Trendsetter Michelle

Annabel & Owen, Just Listen: As a gorgeous model and sometimes actress, Annabel has picture perfect looks and what seems like the ideal life. Bad boy Owen is the last person she ever expected to befriend–he’s a brooding loner who prefers his giant headphones over small talk. In order for their love to blossom, Annabel must stop caring about what everyone else thinks and learn to follow her true feelings.  —PLL Editor Michelle M.

Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice vs. Whitley & Nathan, A Midsummer’s Nightmare

Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice: The romance between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy is one of the most famous in all of classic literature. The two are from completely different social classes, and this contrast in their states of living causes Elizabeth to initially misinterpret Mr. Darcy’s feelings toward her. However, her change in heart halfway through the novel leads them to refuse the wishes of many of his upper-class relatives and allow love to prevail. —PLL Trendsetter Caitlin

A Midsummer’s Nightmare,Kody Keplinger. Whitley and Nathan have one thing in common: their father. Well, it hasn’t become official yet, but in due time Nathan will become Whitley’s stepbrother. Yet, besides the family connection, the two have a spark. They come together despite harsh criticism from both sides of Whitley and Nathan’s family. —PLL Trendsetter Amy

Reena & Sawyer, How To Love vs. Brittany & Alex, Perfect Chemistry

Reena & Sawyer, How To Love: Three years ago, Reena and Sawyer fell madly in love under the hot, bright Florida sun. But then Sawyer leaves her, without a trace. He leaves behind Reena, and their daughter, Hannah. Now, Sawyer, characteristically, appears out of nowhere. Can Reena and Sawyer patch their relationship, or will it remain in shreds? —PLL Trendsetter Amy

Brittany & Alex, Perfect Chemistry: In true Romeo and Juliet style, bad boy Alejandro Fuentes and little rich girl Brittany take a chance on their natural chemistry despite personal prejudices and a judgmental town. —PLL Trendsetter Kate H. 

Hector & Elisa, Bitter Kingdom vs. Hans Alistor & Risa, The Crimson Crown

Hector & Elisa, Bitter Kingdom: Bitter Kingdom — Despite incredible odds, different social status, magical blizzards, missed chances, and a civil war, Hector and Elisa continue to fight for each other for all the right reasons: true love.  —PLL Trendsetter Kate H. 


Hans Alistor & Raisa, The Crimson Crown: Raisa faces an impossible pressures to marry for political alliances while Han “Hunts Alone” Allister must face the truth of his lineage, but they refuse to let a 1,000 year old mystery and prejudice keep them apart. —PLL Trendsetter Kate H.

Sahar & Nasrin, If You Could Be Mine vs. Craig & Noelle, It’s Kind of a Funny Story.

Sahar & Nasrin, If you Could Be Mine: Best friends Sahar & Nasrin love each other, but they can’t act on their love because in Iran, it is illegal to be lesbians, and could even get them killed. Both Sahar and Nasrin must make difficult decisions about their gender, sexuality, and how far they will go to preserve their love. –PLL Trendsetter Rachel


Craig & Noelle, It’s Kind of a Funny Story: Craig and Noelle meet at a psychiatric hospital, and are able to confide in each other, about their mentally destructive pasts and help each other find a way out of their unfortunate mental situation. They are more than just a teenage couple, but are also a deep, understanding, complicated friendship with intense loyalty and camaraderie. —PLL Trendsetter Michelle

Kartik & Gemma, A Great and Terrible Beauty vs. Ron and Hermione from The Harry Potter Series

Kartik & Gemma, A Great and Terrible Beauty: Kartik is ordered to stop Gemma from fulfilling her destiny as a witch but he can’t stop himself from wanting her. A brooding young man with a history of ancient secrets, we’re never quite sure of Kartik’s motives…will he kill Gemma, or will he fall in love with her? Their society doesn’t want them to be together, but love conquers even opposing destinies!  —PLL Michelle M.


Ron & Hermione, The Harry Potter Series: No matter what JKR says, I believe that this pairing, is perfect. These two go though so many trials, and are separated so many times. But, end up together none the less! —PLL Trendsetter Maddie


Jacob and Emma, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children vs. Isla & Josh, Isla and The Happily Ever After


Jacob and Emma, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: When two worlds and two times collide, Emma’s pushy brilliance is the perfect balance to Jacob’s curious introspection. Bound together by the past, a harrowing secret slowly unravels that could bring them closer than ever–or keep them apart forever. (Plus, Emma controls fire! How cool is that?) —PLL Editor Rachel


Isla & Josh, Isla and The Happily Ever After: Isla and Josh have a beautiful, perfect, artistic, international love, but Isla is her own worst enemy and must overcome her own insecurities for their love to last. —PLL Trendsetter Kate H. 




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