Let THE LOVE FEUDS begin! ROUND ONE: “That Boy (/Girl) is a Monster”

At Paper Lantern Lit, we are always daydreaming about the swoon-worthy boys of YA lit and their strong, brilliant, caring, and/or hilarious counterparts. This month, in honor of Avery Hasting’s heart-pounding, romantic debut novel, FEUDS, we’re devoting September to impossible love and inviting all readers to participate in THE LOVE FEUDS, a bracket-style competition honoring the YA couples who fought haters, death, paranormal creatures, and/or society in order to be together. Be sure to visit PLL’s blog each week to vote for your favorite YA couple. May the ultimate YA couple win! 

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“That Boy (/Girl) is a Monster”

Today’s couples have overcome the supernatural & paranormal elements to be together, but which ones are the most worthy of surviving IMPOSSIBLE LOVE? Vote below to let us know!

Vote as many times as you’d like; the polls will close tomorrow, September 3, at midnight. Share who you voted for by using #LoveFEUDS on twitter!


Ethan & Lena, Beautiful Creatures vs. Sydney & Adrian, The Bloodlines

Ethan & Lena: I would say that if Lena had powers and Ethan didn’t, they would need to have a real powerful connection to stay together. Ethan seriously…what doesn’t he do to be with Lena? And Lena loves him back just as fiercely, despite all the magical forces trying to take power and keep them apart. –PLL Trendsetter Katherine

Sydney & Adrian: Your classic star-crossed lovers belong to two radically opposed factions of supernatural society. They break countless rules and disregard countless stigmas in an inspiring pursuit of love. —PLL Trendsetter Reut

Max & Fang, Maximum Ride Series vs. Eros & Orion, Only Everything

Max & Fang, Maximum Ride Series: These two are probably one of my favorite couples ever (could it be because they have wings? ^_^). Since they’re both powerful and headstrong, they clash. But even through running from crazy scientists and Fang having to go up against the perfect dude for her, Max and Fang always have each others’ backs, as well as the rest of their family (avian and all!). –-PLL Trendsetter Katherine

Eros & Orion, Only Everything—This fledgling goddess of love and her mortal boyfriend were separated by Zeus—and what Zeus says goes. To win him back, Eros has to brave the mortal world and match up three couples without her powers. —PLL Trendsetter Emily R.

Clara & Tucker, The Unearthly trilogy vs. Helen & Lucas, Starcrossed

Clara & Tucker, The Unearthly trilogy: Clara is part angel, Tucker is “just” a Wyoming cowboy. When they first meet, no one expects sparks to fly, especially not with that dyed orange hair Clara is rocking. But the course of true love never did run smooth, and things only get harder with the involvement of Christian, who Clara is meant to save, not to mention the dark forces coming their way. —PLL Trendsetter Reut

Helen and Lucas,  Starcrossed: Not only did Josephine pull a Cassandra Clare with the “you-two-are-going-to-think-you-are-related-but-you-actually-totally-aren’t,” at the very beginning Helen and Lucas had to deal with a blood debt that made them savage with the desire to kill each other. —PLL Trendsetter Julianna

Meghan Chase & Prince Ash, The Iron Fey Series vs. Katie Green & Tomohiro, Ink: 

Meghan Chase & Prince Ash, The Iron Fey Series: What love barrier is bigger than the difference between being a human and being a faerie? Initially, this stark difference keeps Prince Ash away from Meghan, but not even the cold ice prince can help himself from his heart warming toward Meghan. Together, they fight against the powers trying to destroy the world of faerie, and while many events and people threaten their relationship, nothing can keep them apart. —PLL Trendsetter Caitlin

Katie Green & Tomohiro, Ink: Katie and Tomo not only have to deal with an interracial relationship and the stigmas that come with it, but also, as descendants of the Japanese kami/gods, they can’t be together because of mythological grudges from millenniums before their existence.  -PLL Trendsetter Julianna

Tessa and Will, The Infernal Devices vs. Alina & Mal, The Grisha Trilogy

Tessa & Will, The Infernal Devices: these two have to battle with the fact that warlocks and Shadowhunters are not allowed to be together. Add in the fact that Tessa is about to marry Will’s best friend, and you have some complications. —PLL Trendsetter Alexandra

Alina & Mal, The Grisha Trilogy: Nothing is ever easy when you find out you’re some special sun summoning chick who can no longer be seen with the guy you’ve been in love with since you were kids. Not to mention there’s this really creepy, dark and sultry guy trying to put the moves on you, but no matter what anyone tells you, you always remember where your roots are and where your heart lies. That’s the situation with Alina and Mal. —PLL Trendsetter Alexandra

Clary & Jace, The Mortal Instruments vs. Jack & Schuyler, Blue Bloods

Clary & Jace, The Mortal Instruments: they thought they were related for a good while and the dark forces of the earth (led by Clary’s father who was also the man that raised Jace and Clary’s brother) were looking to use and destroy them, and yet they decided to not totally give up on each other. Come to find out – THEY ARE NOT RELATED!! (yay!) and they persevere through the evil around them and end up happily together. (I mean, yeah it was a weird journey but it was so worth it and it all worked out in the end.) —PLL Trendsetter Corinne

Jack & Schuyler, Blue Bloods: It didn’t matter that they weren’t bondmates (i.e. eternal lovers), they still made it work. Jack literally traveled through Hell for Schuyler! —PLL Trendsetter Bre

Bella & Edward, Twilight vs. Luce & Daniel, Fallen

Bella & Edward, Twilight: Come on, let’s face it – they overcame A LOT to be together, and though many people love to hate this couple, I think it’s really sweet how dedicated Edward was (now Bella on the other hand…). –PLL Trendsetter Bre

Luce & Daniel, Fallen: I mean, come on. Daniel is an angel and is forbidden to be with his true love Luce. Everytime they finally get to be together and kiss, the shadows take Luce away and she comes back not remembering him. —PLL Trendsetter Sally

Annabeth & Percy, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus vs. Sam & Grace, Shiver:

Annabeth & Percy, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus: These two have literally been through hell and back for a future together. Oh, not to mention Percy’s memory getting erased and the impending apocalypse. —PLL Trendsetter Julianna

Sam & Grace, Shiver: First Sam was a “werewolf” and was shot and then almost died of meningitis, then Grace ended up being a “werewolf”, then they both had to be wolves to save their other wolf friends from being hunted by self-important people with helicopters. –PLL Trendsetter Emily C.



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