The Clone Chronicles Fanfiction Contest Winner!


Congratulations to Serena Zhang, the winner of the Clone Chronicles Fanfiction Contest held at Ethical Culture Fieldston School! ME Castle loved the inventiveness of your creations, the specificity of the writing, and how well your writing portrayed the Clone Chronicles Universe! Check out her awesome entry below, and explore more of Fisher’s world through her eyes. 

Clone Chronicles FanFiction: The Best Day Turns into the Worst

by Serena Zhang


Two was playing dodgeball in gym class. He laughed, dodging the balls, hurling them at people, getting them out of the game. This was his territory, his game. And he was determined to win. He hurled the ball at Brody, the bulkiest Viking, and heard a yelp of pain and a sharp scream of “You’re out!”

Finally, Two relaxed. The other team was almost completely out of the game. Now there was just the two Vikings, Leroy and Willard. Two mopped his brow, all sticky with sweat. He turned and held his fist out for a bump from all his teammates. Thanks to Two, not a single one of them was out. Trevor slapped Two on the back. Two thought that Trevor was trying to slap him as hard as he possibly could, but all Two felt was a very light tap on his back, as though a feather had gently settled there.

He turned towards Amanda, who was the only girl daring enough to play dodgeball with the boys. All the other girls were on the other side of the gym, attempting to do round offs, cartwheels, front limbers and back-bends. Two couldn’t help but snort with laughter as he saw Veronica, who, in his opinion was the dumbest girl there. She was trying to do a roundoff. She started running and was about to place her hands on the floor, when she tripped over her own feet. She tumbled towards the ground, red faced. What in the world could Brother possibly see in her? Brother had a date with her later, too!

Two turned his attention back to Amanda. Two grinned at her, and Amanda smiled back. They gazed at each other for a while, until Corey Devonshire screamed, “Fisher, look ou—!” The rest of his words Two could not hear, because he was slumping to the ground, his head throbbing, red oozing down from a gap on his forehead. Was that the sharp part of the compass attached to the dodgeball?

Oh, the pain… Two groaned, and seconds later he heard a voice screaming in pure agony. Was that his voice? Two’s world spun, and all went black.



Fisher was humming happily as he played with FP, chasing him around the house. FP squealed and jumped into Fisher’s arms as Lord Burnside tried to attack him. Fisher smiled at FP dreamily. Of course, he was no longer thinking about FP. He was thinking about his date with Veronica later today. Fisher had somehow convinced Two to ask Veronica out for him. Two had groaned and said that Veronica was stupid, and Amanda was so much better, but Fisher had insisted. Two grudgingly agreed, saying that if he had to ask Veronica out for Fisher, he was allowed to ask Amanda out sometime later this week. Fisher had immediately realized this was a lose-lose situation, but he took the deal anyway.

“Mom!” he yelled.

“What?” she asked. Fisher’s mom had gotten over the fact that he had cloned himself, and let Fisher just work on designing his new invention, what he called “the mind purifier.”

“I finished the prototype of my invention!” he hollered excitedly.

“Who are you going to test it on?” she called back.

Fisher paused. He hadn’t thought of that. Of course nobody would want to test his invention. It was designed that when somebody inserts it into their brain, it would take away the mean side of them. Fisher had designed it just for the Vikings. But he would need somebody to test it on, before he was sure it worked. His invention basically manipulates a person’s brain, and everyone wants to have control of their brain. He went over his notes again, making sure that his silver chip had all the parts that were needed for it to properly work. Hmm. He already had the pieces inserted into the silver chip, but he needed to write down how the pieces worked and why he needed them. Just then he realized that the silver chip was the only places where his parts were stored. He hadn’t remembered to buy backups. That wasn’t good. But too late now. Fisher started writing down everything. He had always liked to be organized. Also, if his test subjects wanted to know how his invention worked, he would just hand this paper to them instead of having to explain it, since he had never been great with people.

  • A transmitter– It sends and receives data, from Fisher’s computer to the little silver chip. Measurements: 2x2mm. ✔

  • A laser light mini pen– has a special light that graphs your brain out into neat little boxes. This light will not affect your brain in any way, nor will you be able to see the light. This light was designed so that only the laser light mini pen can see it. Measurements: 1x2mm. ✔

  • A mini camera– takes pictures of your brain from all sides. Then sends all the pictures to Fisher’s computer. Fisher will open all the pictures in a program that he has designed, “3-D Virtual Reality.” It will combine all the pictures of the brain that the camera had taken into one picture. Then Fisher will view the person’s brain from all angles and send them to yet another program he has designed, “Comparison Made Easy.” He will use the 3-D picture of the brain he has, and another picture of someone else’s brain. (He has found a picture on Google of someone’s brain who is completely nice and had absolutely no meanness to them.) The program will mark all the spots of the brain that are different in red. Fisher will then send that picture back to the little silver chip, and the laser light mini pen will mark all the spots that were different according to the picture. Measurements: 2x2mm. ✔

  • Little robotic controllers– Once the laser light mini pen has marked all the “mean” parts of the person’s brain, these controllers will extend out from it’s shell. (Measurements: 3x3mm.) After it extends out, the controllers will shut down the “mean” parts of your brain for as long as need be. (Fisher thinks that this is kind of like physical therapy, it won’t shut down those parts of your brain for the rest of your life, it will kind of train your brain to work without it, and when the controllers release those parts of your brain, you should still be completely nice. The therapy session could go on for a day, or for 20 years. Fisher will decide when to shut it down, he will observe your behavior and analyze it.) Measurements: 1x1mm. for every controller. The shell contains 3 controllers, as you have 3 parts of your brain. Fisher believes that the mean parts of your brain in each of those 3 parts are usually in one area, not spread all over the place. ✔

Fisher shook his head at how complicated each part was. However, writing in third-person was no stretch for him, he always had to do that when he was writing science lab reports, and he wrote science lab reports for fun all the time.

Fisher just thought of another problem. How was he going to get the chip into his test subject’s brain? The silver chip was 8x9mm. To get it into someone’s brain, or in their head, it would take surgery. Even without surgery, Fisher knew for sure that nobody would willingly do it. Now, with surgery added on… Fisher’s head hurt, and he glanced at his wristwatch. He dropped his silver chip on the floor in shock. There was 30 minutes left until he was supposed to meet Veronica, and he needed to get ready! He ran to the bathroom.



Two awoke to hear Amanda arguing with someone.

“Doctor!” Amanda screamed. “I need to see him!”

“Girl, please,” said a weary old man’s voice, presumably the doctor. “He will need a couple more hours of sleep at the least, and we do not want anybody to disturb him.”

Two sat up, and called feebly, “Doctor, it’s fine. She can come in.”

Silence. “All right, all right, but only for 10 minutes,” grumbled the doctor.

Amanda rushed in, her eyes wild with fury. “Leroy and Willard!” she shouted. “They’re such sore losers they wanted to hurt you!”

Two nodded silently, and he could feel anger bubbling up inside of him, too. But no. He would keep his temper in. His head throbbed, and he could barely speak a few words. He groaned, his headache was becoming worse by the minute. He massaged his temple, and muttered weakly, “No yelling, please.”

Amanda smiled and gave the “okay” sign. Two touched his forehead gingerly. It was covered in a bandage. He also saw an IV tube on the side, with a gentle pulsing sound as it went into Two’s body. He gasped when he saw what time it was.

“What?” Amanda asked, cautious of her volume.

“Um,” Two said nervously. He still hadn’t gained his bearings, and could not recall if Amanda knew about the two Fishers. But, he remembered, just before he blurted out that Fisher had a date with Veronica, that Amanda would not be pleased that Fisher was dating Veronica, not herself.

“What?” Amanda asked again, more insistingly this time.

“Never mind,” Two mumbled.

Amanda sighed, crossed her arms, and glared at him.

“It’s not a big deal,” Two said.

“Fine,” Amanda snapped. “Since you aren’t really talking to me, I guess I don’t really need to be here,” she said angrily. “And after all that trouble I went to to get the principal to let me visit you,” she muttered under her breath. She strode out of the room, grumbling angrily to herself.

Two stared after her, open-mouthed. He tried to yell after her, “Amanda, wait!” but his voice couldn’t reach that high of a volume. He could only watch her retreating shadow, and the clickety-click of her combat boots clicking against the white marble floor.


Fisher ran out the door. It had taken him 5 minutes and 22.723 seconds in the bathroom, brushing his teeth and gelling his hair. It took 7 minutes, and 9.049 seconds for him to find the perfect attire. He took a deep breath and exhaled slightly, calming his nerves. He practiced how to open the door for Veronica with a very gentlemanlike smile. He practiced acting confident in front of the mirror, but wasn’t entirely pleased with his results. He headed out the door, hoping to impress Veronica enough that she didn’t hate him at the end of the night. That would be a great first step.

He had butterflies in his stomach as he walked to “Serene Serena’s,” a very formal restaurant. Veronica had chosen the place, actually. It was a 5-minute walk from her place, and about a 20-minute walk from Fisher’s home.   

Veronica had told him, a few days ago, that if one of them arrived first, to just wait on the bench outside. “That way I don’t have to try and ask the waitress if they’ve seen a little boy who seems a bit nerdy, has glasses and forgets to button his shirt!” she had laughed teasingly. She had then reached out to button his shirt. Fisher had sworn to himself, at that time, that when he was wearing a shirt with buttons, to “forget” to button a button, and then he could feel Veronica’s hands brush against his bare skin as she buttoned his shirt, and smell her perfume when she leaned in.

Fisher sat down on the bench, glancing at his watch every few seconds. He swung his legs back and forth like a little boy. Veronica was 5 minutes late, 10 minutes late, 15 minutes late. He pulled out his gold iPhone 5S. He had made a few changes to it, like hacking Siri to respond to him in a smart way. He had also recorded his own custom ringtones for everyone, by holding his speaker up to them and saying, “Say your name over and over again.” He was also working on making the password voice-sensitive. He understood that if he accomplished that, somebody could record his voice and hold it up to the speaker, but he was thinking that he would type up a bunch of personal questions, and the questions would swap every time. And also, you only had 5 seconds to think about the question and answer it, or else it would switch to a different question.

Fisher held his finger to the little home button and unlocked the phone. He tapped on “Messages.” He clicked on “New Message.” To: Veronica; 1 (347) 321-9876. He paused, not sure what to write. He clicked on the Siri button. “Hi,” he started. “Um, I’m at Serene Serena’s right now, and I’m on the bench. You coming?” He clicked send and went to text Two. Two was supposed to be home by now. Just as he was about to compose a message to Two, he heard Veronica’s ringtone. “Veronica is awesome! Pick up now!!!!!”

“Hey, Fisher! OMG I didn’t realize you were still up for the date! You okay? :\” Fisher stared at her text, confused. What had happened at school?

“I’m fine. Why? :)” Fisher sent.

Veronica replied in a flash. “Your head! You were bleeding today! Did you forget?!”

“Oh… right. Okay then, see you tomorrow! Can we still go on a date later this week?” As soon as he sent that, Fisher realized how desperate he sounded, and how suspicious it was that he wrote “Oh… right.” That made it seem like he had forgotten what had happened to his head. He breathed a sigh of relief when Veronica’s message came in without frowny faces.

“Sure!! Yep, see ya! Feel better soon! 🙂 xxxxxxxxxx”

Fisher walked home in a daze. So something had happened to Two’s head! Where was Two, anyways? Fisher broke into a sprint home. He was just about to ring the doorbell when his parents came out. “Two has an injury,” said Fisher’s mom. “And he’s in the hospital. He just gave me a call and said that he was pretending to be you, Fisher, for all the medical papers and stuff,” she explained. “We have to go visit him and sign all the papers. You can come or you can keep working on your invention, completely up to you!” she smiled brightly.

Fisher frowned. “I would love to go visit Two, but then the nurses and doctors would see that there are two of us, and they probably know that I don’t have a twin. That would be really suspicious.”

His parents nodded and his father tousled his hair. “I can’t believe we didn’t think of that!” He smacked his head.

“Okay,” Fisher said. “Anyways, I’m so close to finishing my invention. Bye.” He walked into the house. He went straight to the place where he had dropped his silver chip. It wasn’t there. Feeling panicky, he searched the whole area, when he saw that it wasn’t there, he started searching every room. When he got to his bedroom he saw FP grinning happily. He was drooling, his tail wagging. Fisher had a sinking feeling in his stomach. He slowly turned to look at his computer. It was beeping with a message that said “Pictures taken. Please send data back to transmitter.” Fisher viewed the pictures. It was of a pig’s stomach, which Fisher could recognize when he saw one. He stared at FP, and FP smiled right back, licking his lips. Fisher groaned. The day had been so close to being the best day in his life, the new invention, his first date with Veronica. And all of it had backfired. He put his head in his hands and sighed. What a day.


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