10 Fabulous Internet Finds!

10 Fabulous Internet Finds


With The Studio, a Paper Lantern Lit Imprint, we are spreading e-book love…but we aren’t the only ones who found inspiration on the internet! From digital space to reality, don’t forget these fabulous trends born online:

Ylvis’ question, “What Does the Fox Say?” became a hit YouTube video that launched the brothers into fame, inspired multiple parodies and Halloween costumes, and became a New York Times-bestselling picture book.

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 5.26.56 PMIt’s hard to remember that before the days of drag racing and DUI’s, Justin Bieber was just a kid singing in his room with no idea that he would eventually release nine albums, star in two biopic films, author two biographies and head his own fragrance. Aw, look at how cute he was!

The Harlem Shake made people who can’t dance look cool.

Starting life as a meme, Grumpy Cat now shares his grumpiness in books, on coffee, shirts, TV, and soon, the big screen.Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 5.38.05 PM

Nothing says party like a little Gangnam Style! Even the President Obama has partook in the invisible horse riding dance.

Originally published on fan-fiction website, the Fifty Shades of Gray Trilogy has sold more than 60 million copies and will be in theatres February 2015.

YouTube celebrity Michelle Phran captivated viewers with her celebrity look-alike make-up tutorials and now has her own line of cosmetics with L’Oreal.

Photographer Brandon Stanton’s popular blog has spawned many “Humans of ” variation and showed us a tender side of NYC in his best-selling book.

Planking—the art of lying face down in an unusual location—started when two high school students created a Facebook to collect pictures of their “Lying Down Game.”

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 5.40.02 PMDue to Seamless, no one has to cook anymore! take-out has become quick, fast, and efficient. Founded in 1999, Seamless now serves more than 600 cities, features more than 12,000 restaurants, and processes more than 130,000 orders a day!

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  1. Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m just a girl from the UK who would love to be involved in PLL. I’m an avid reader and studied at Birmingham University for my BA in English Literature and Language. Although I’m a wannabe writer I’m working on my style to make it readeable for at least 200 pages. Is there any chance you need some proof-readers, reviewers or anything of the like for PLL? Thankyou for your time it is very appreciated :).

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