PLL Goes PLL: Paper Lantern Lit Editors Cast Themselves as the Pretty Little Liars!


PLL loves the show so much sometimes we get confused too! So today, the PLL Editors are switching places with the Pretty Little Liar (or Liars) they feel they are most alike. Read below, and let us know which Pretty Little Liar you are on Twitter @Paperlanternlit.

Lauren Oliver


This one was a no brainer. Lauren Oliver was totally a Spencer in high school: super high achieving equestrian girl with a soft side for bad boys (including ones who date her sister.) Lauren is very athletic like Spencer and Emily, but she’s definitely got a rebellious side like Hannah (with a matching propensity for partying).

Lexa Hillyer


It’s pretty obvious that PLL Co- Founder Lexa would be Aria: the one with the weird fashion sense and attraction to goofy/artsy English-major types. But when it comes to her craft of writing, Lexa is totally an Emily when she’s in her swimming groove…nobody can beat her!

Rhoda Belleza


Take one look at PLL Editor Rhoda’s unique, bohemian style and you’ll definitely think of Maya. She knows how to sew and can make things using sweaters and blankets found on the cheap- while not sacrificing her style! Underneath that fabulous Maya exterior is a kind of quiet girl who is easy going in most social situations…but like Spencer or Hannah, she can get downright self-righteous when it comes to a topic she believes in! (For Rhoda, that would be environmental and social policy stuff). She’s got a goofy side like Hanna, but definitely reads at Aria’s pace. But like ALL the Pretty Little Liars by this point, Rhoda is rarely shocked or scandalized by anything…she’s seen it all!

Angela Velez


As for PLL Editor Angela, she is forever aspiring to be as stylish, impulsive, and carefree as Hanna, but knows she’s a combo of Spencer’s preppy, nerdy, and academically competitive side with Emily’s more caring nature. Like Spencer, Angela spent most of high school participating in far too many clubs, accumulating an absurd amount of volunteer hours, and approaching suggested reading lists as direct challenges. In her spare time, she would spend hours making her friends handmade cards and cupcakes for every occasion–Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, breakups, sports games, and more–like Emily, she was (and still is!) always trying to cheer for (and cheer up) her friends whenever possible.

Hayley Wagreich


With a fashion style like Spencer’s, and a penchant for artistic expression like Aria, PLL Editor Hayley has an interest in traveling (one day she’ll get to Iceland!), painting and sketching, and the occasional classic film and poetry reading. Like Aria, Hayley isn’t as impulsive as the other PLL girls, instead, she weighs her options and likes to know everything about a situation, especially when she’s editing or working on a new PLL project. Hayley would say she’s loyal, too, but definitely not as much as Aria!

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