Historical Hotties: Futuristic Fabios

The Historical Hotties tournament is catching fire! Follow PLL as we lead up to BELLADONNA’s July 16th release to place bets on the swooniest YA boys from way-back-when and even some from the distant future!

Each contestant has been carefully chosen by the wonderful PLL Trendsetters and the PLL story architects. Join us each week to learn why each YA boy made the cut, and let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree.

Historical Hotties.7.1.13From today until Sunday night (July 14th) we want you to vote on your favorite FUTURISTIC FABIOS who will not only keep you safe in terrifying futures where boys vanish at a certain age or where music is illegal, but will also give you timeless happy memories.

Gray: Picture Jonas from THE GIVER, except more badass. But hurry — in his village, boys mysteriously vanish when their eighteen and his birthday is coming up…

Callum: Sure, he was dead for 22 days and brought back to life to serve as a weapon, but he’s got enough humanity and dance moves in him to get you swooning.

Julian: Julian is the dreamy and kickass boy of a lifetime – and afterlife-time.

Anthem: If you love music, you’ll love Anthem. If you hate hypnotizing music, you’ll love Anthem.

Caleb: In a world where girls are raised to fear boys, the only thing Caleb wants to steal from you is your heart.

Thomas: Brilliant + brilliant = SUPER BRILLIANT. You want this boy and his brain.

Jack: Jack is TOUGHER than nails. Throw him in a cage match and he’ll beat the competition if you’re the prize.

Prince Maxon: I mean, there are already 35 beautiful girls competing for him, so why not make it 36?


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