Historical Hotties: Retro Romeos, Round One

The Historical Hotties tournament has begun! Follow PLL over the next couple of weeks as we lead up to BELLADONNA’s July 16th release to place bets on the swooniest YA boys from way-back-when and even some from the distant future!

Each contestant has been carefully chosen by the wonderful PLL Trendsetters and the PLL story architects. Join us each week to learn why each YA boy made the cut, and let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree.

Historical Hotties.7.1.13From today until Sunday night (July 7th) we’re looking for the cutest RETRO ROMEOS who will share their comics with us on the bus and rock out to classic rock.

Sodapop: Devilishly handsome 16-year-old high school dropouts aren’t usually appealing to me, but he’s also a hard worker, charming, and so FULL OF LIFE. He’s one of those guys that’ll make you smile on your worst days. (PLL Trendsetter Bre)

Park: This boy is like every nerd girl’s dream boy. He’s a bit insecure, incredibly inquisitive, and so sweet that he and Eleanor will give you cavities. He isn’t without his flaws, but he’s one of the best boy characters I’ve ever read. (PLL Trendsetter Julianna)

Jasper: Misunderstood and with a heart of pure gold, Jasper Jones is the kind of boy who you’d want to go on adventures with. Sure, you’d come back from those adventures slightly sunburnt, disheveled with random insects in your hair, scraped knees, and faced with the inevitable grounding from your parents, but it would always be worth it. (PLL Trendsetter Bre)

Rudy: Rudy and Liesel are kids in WWII when the book takes place, but Rudy’s lemon colored hair, affinity for Jesse Owens (despite being in Nazi Germany), and how hard he loves Liesel, so much that he doesn’t try to kiss her because he thinks she doesn’t want him to, breaks your heart. Into little pieces. And lots of them. (PLL Trendsetter Emily)

Todd: If there’s one tall, dark, and handsome basketball coach you want to go steady with, look no further!

Jamie: Peter Pan in a kilt: Jamie will fly your plane and let you stay at his castle in Scotland. Did we mention that he’s also a Lord? Kiss him, quick!

Rupert: The Earl is handsome and charming, plus he’s royalty. Even though he is royalty, he does not treat the maids as if they were below him and he respects everyone, no matter their position in society. He is also a free thinker and he does not conform to the image that society has set for him. (PLL Trendsetter Marielle)

Charlie: Now Charlie isn’t from Victorian London, but he is from the 90’s and that is an era all it’s own. Charlie is everything innocent and trusting about love and that is why I find him so swoonworthy. He’s just all awkward and wonderful and there is no way for him not to take a hold on your heart. (PLL Trendsetter Corinne)

If you would like a paperback copy of VENOM, a hardcover of BELLADONNA, OR an advance reader’s copy of STARLING, be sure to enter our Rafflecopter before Sunday, July 7th!


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