PLL Wants YOU!

…for our expanded Preferred Bloggers Program!

PLL Preferred

In the past, the PLL Preferred Bloggers Program was limited to a small handful of reviewers, but now we’re cracking opening the doors a bit to allow some more bloggers in and we’re seeking the best of the best! If you’re a creative reviewer who goes above and beyond for books you love (hosting/participating in blog tours, designing graphics, pushing the book into the hands of everyone you know, etc.), contact Adam Silvera at marketing@paperlanternlit.com with the following:

  • a link to your blog
  • a link to your twitter profile
  • monthly page visits
  • genres you gravitate to
  • genres you won’t touch
  • interest in middle-grade books: yes or no?
  • amount of Paper Lantern Lit books you’ve read in the past. Review the PLL bookshop if you’re unsure. (Not having read any PLL titles won’t disqualify you, it’s just something I would personally like to correct. 😉 )
  • and anything else you think might be useful in setting you apart!
Deadline to submit is Friday, June 21st and the 10 new bloggers will be announced on Monday, June 24th! Not only will the Preferred Bloggers have access to PLL titles when available, but there’s also a special surprise awaiting our new elite reviewers…

Benefits include:
-Free books shipped to your house. (Not only PLL titles.)
-Letters of recommendations for those seeking internships/jobs in children’s publishing.
-Pure satisfaction of self.



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