Five Friday Development Jam: First Kisses

The editors here at PLL are kicking off a weekly Toolbox series where we’ll share our favorite YouTube clips on a specific topic, ranging from swoon worthy romance to kick butt action sequences. They’re moments we draw inspiration from as we’re developing a project, and we hope you will too!

first kiss veronica mars

This Friday’s topic: First Kisses, from PLL assistant editor Angela Velez.

Joan of Arcadia- How to take the conventional and make it special

The writers wanted viewers to see Adam and Joan as a special, so they took a conventional setting (high school gym, science fair) and elevated it by adding ABSOLUTE MAYHEM.  Exploding fish tanks! Near death experiences! Falling dinosaurs! A snowstorm of feathers!

What should have been the most boring first kiss ever instead became an infamous, memorable moment for the entire high school.

Seriously, how cute is this:

Side note: The science fair mayhem also serves as a mechanism for important characterization:

Friedman (boy with the ‘fro) = self-involved, saves himself

Science teacher + nerdy girl = same person, heading towards similar futures

Grace + Luke (science project owners) = friends after all

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Kisses: A perfectly imperfect first kiss

You don’t always need catastrophes to make your first kiss scene memorable; sometimes all it takes is a classic humiliation, in the form of a little sister who thinks she’s a cat and a self-tanning disaster.

Nothing about Georgia and Robbie’s first kiss is perfect—for starters, he’s dating Slaggy Lindsay, Georgia’s arch-nemesis. Secondly, his romantic line is “your legs are like giant cheesy puffs.” The great thing about their first kiss is that it doesn’t matter—Robbie and Georgia kiss anyway, and it’s fantastic. Until he remembers about Slaggy Lindsay…

Veronica Mars—Girls can initiate + the first kiss doesn’t have to be important

What makes their first kiss so great is that Veronica, not Logan, takes the leap and initiates the kiss. This is significant—because of her complicated dating history, Veronica needs to decide whether or not she wants to kiss Logan.  You could argue that if Logan had kissed her first (and you know he’s dying to), she would have resisted, and then we would never have had their epic romance—tragic!

It’s also important to note that their first kiss doesn’t matter—it’s confusing and strange and ends too quickly. For Veronica and Logan, the requisite follow up make-out session is way more special, because it confirms that they’re into each other.

Side note: this scene employs my favorite cinematic trick, aka the spinning camera. If only every kiss could happen like this!

Friday Night Lights – When your world collapses, kiss whatever you have left.

As Jason Street’s best friend (Tim) and Jason’s girlfriend (Lyla), Tim and Lyla obviously have no business kissing each other. But Tim and Lyla’s kiss doesn’t happen because of a sudden romantic interest in each other; their kiss is the only way they know how to deal with their grief over Jason Street’s paralysis. In case you need more proof, watch Lyla beat Tim up before their make out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H3Fx085lpU.

While their first kiss marks the beginning of the “Tyla” saga, it won’t approach anything close to love until they’ve both settled their feelings (guilt, love, loyalty) towards Jason.

Pretty Little Liars: So wrong, it’s right.

Oh Ezra and Aria.  Everything about their first kiss is scandalous, making it incredibly sexy to watch: Mutual exaggerations of their accomplishments and life goals? Check. Enormously inappropriate age gap? Check. Gross bar bathroom? Check. Pretty Little Liars’ writers demonstrate that true love (read: lust) blooms in the most illicit places.

Next Friday, PLL assistant editor Hayley Wagreich is sharing a special something with us!


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