Swoon Madness — Sweet Sixteen

The March Madness games have been insane! Each contestant has been carefully chosen by the PLL Trendsetters and the PLL story architects and YOU have placed bets on who you think the swooniest boy in YA is! Join us each week to learn why each YA boy made the cut, and let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree.

We are now down to the final SWEET SIXTEEN and you will help us decide which Contemporary Cuties, Dystopian Dreamboats, Paranormal Pretty Boys, and Classic Catches will make their way to the ELITE EIGHT on Wednesday!


Oliver: Riding an airplane can be downright uneventful but sitting next to this charming British boy will add new meaning to “love is in the air”.

Augustus: He is so ‘aww’ worthy. Especially when he says it would be a pleasure to have his heart broken by Hazel. (PLL Trendsetter Erin)

Wes: He’s the ultimate bad boy who’s not a jerk but rather a very nice, sweet, artist who’d love a girl just for who she is! (PLL Trendsetter Kailia)

Etienne: He’s definitely drool-worthy in looks and BRITISH on top of that. Points. But he’s also funny and caring, and he doesn’t conform to what the popular group does, thinking on his own and deciding what he believes to be the best, which gives him a deep character. (PLL Trendsetter Hannah)


Alex: He showed Lena what the real meaning of love was. He gave her a way out of becoming a loveless zombie. When they were caught he gave up his freedom just so she could be free. (PLL Trendsetter Nicole)

Gale: The boy next door in a dystopian world. Can’t live with him, can’t hunt without him.

Tobias: Tobias is definitely one of my favorite romantic boys in all of the books I’ve read. He sees Tris for who she really is, believes in her, and allows her to be who she wants to be. Tobias is a true gentleman around Tris, and doesn’t push too far, allowing her to set the limits between them. (PLL Trendsetter Caitlin)

Perry: Attractive AND wields a bow and arrow? Yes please!


Ethan: Ethan is from the Deep South so you know he has great manners. He’s funny. He’s tall and athletic (best on his basketball team) but he also loves Lena so much that he’s willing to die for her. He goes to the Great Beyond for her. He dreams about her before he even meets her. Swoon. Worthy. (PLL Trendsetter Emily)

Jace:  Even when he thought that there was no way him and Clary could have a relationship, he still cared about her and stuck with her through everything. (PLL Trendsetter Nicole)

Daemon: The cruel and cold front he usually puts up is really just for show—don’t fear it. What I love most about this character is his progressive development into a caring person and his willingness to open up, even just a little, to Katy (a stranger to him). Although he hides a lot, it is only to keep everyone safe, which is usually why he keeps Katy at arms length. However, as the story line progresses, we start to see him change and suddenly he realizes that it is not just about him – but about this new girl whose changed his life, too. (PLL Trendsetter Alexandra)

Simon: Were these people to exist in real life, I’m pretty sure Simon is the only one I’d actually be compatible with. Because, let’s face it – he’s the only one who actually has the interests of the guys I know, nerdy interests that I share in fact, and (aside from being a vampire), he’s just a normal guy. I would feel so fortunate to have him as a boyfriend, or even as a friend, and I know we’d get along very well. (PLL Trendsetter Abbie)


Harry Potter:  I’ve had a crush on him since I was ten. I love how sarcastic he is. (PLL Trendsetter Erin)

Mr. Darcy: Darcy is hands down my favorite Austen boy; chivalrous, misunderstood, protective and ridiculously selfless. If you push back the occasional douchiness in the beginning of the novel, he’s the epitome of the golden boy. Points for his letter too :3 (PLL Trendsetter Michelle)

Mr. Rochester: Smoldering and forbidden with secrets in the attic. Hotter when blind?

Ron Weasley: Don’t let him fake you out: he DEFINITELY likes you. It just might take him seven years to finally kiss you. Plus with his ginger hair, you’d never lose him in a crowd.


10 thoughts on “Swoon Madness — Sweet Sixteen

  1. Wow Darcy is smoking HP and Ron Weasley is pwning Mr. Rochester….just the way I like it!!!! I absolutely love these posts and can’t wait to vote on more!!!! YAY

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