Swoon Madness — Classic Catches, Round One

The March Madness games have begun! Follow PLL all month to place bets on who you think the swooniest boy in YA is!

Each contestant has been carefully chosen by the PLL Trendsetters and the PLL story architects. Join us each week to learn why each YA boy made the cut, and let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree.


Don’t worry– you can still keep voting for your favorite Paranormal Pretty Boys, but we’re also opening the Classic Catches bracket!  Go vote for the classic gentleman who will walk you home at the end of a date, make sure you get there safe, and THAT’S ALL.

Percy Jackson: Percy Jackson is the classic guy next door even though he’s the son of a powerful Greek god. What can I say, I’m a sucker for dark hair paired with light eyes, but the fact that I look like Annabeth has nothing to do with it. (Kidding, that is such a lie.) –(PLL Trendsetter Corinne)

Peter Pan:  [Tiger Lily version] Peter is so in love, so lost, so confused, and yet so willing to give himself up for Tiger Lily that it just broke my fan-girling heart. (PLL Trendsetter Julianna)

Harry Potter: I’ve had a crush on him since I was ten. I love how sarcastic he is. (PLL Trendsetter Erin)

Legolas: Yes, he’s an elf, and yes—he’s technically much (much) older than a boy, but elves age slow, so… IT WORKS. Legolas is eloquent, swift, and kind hearted (underneath the tough outer shell). And ever since Orlando Bloom played him in the movies… *sighs dreamily* (PLL Trendsetter Bre)

Mr. Darcy: Darcy is hands down my favorite Austen boy; chivalrous, misunderstood, protective and ridiculously selfless. If you push back the occasional douchiness in the beginning of the novel, he’s the epitome of the golden boy. Points for his letter too :3 (PLL Trendsetter Michelle)

Sherlock Holmes: Yes, he’s pretentious, terrible, horrifying and just a jerk. But he cares immensely for John Watson. To be accepted by Watson after all this time of being tagged as a “freak” makes him a tortured soul. It also doesn’t hurt that Benedict Cumberbatch plays him in BBC’s Sherlock. (PLL Trendsetter Michelle)

Michael: He’ll buy you jewelry and deflower you in his sister’s ski lodge…if you’re into that kind of thing.

Marcus: At six feet tall and perpetually in an ironic t-shirt, it’s hard not to fall for his snark and mischievous grin.

Holden: He’s super sweet and brooding, though he won’t stand for a phony.

Noah: Even when he’s not played by Ryan Gosling, he’s still passionate and completely devoted to you, through thick and through thin. Ideal if you enjoy making out in thunderstorms.

Ron Weasley: Don’t let him fake you out: he DEFINITELY likes you. It just might take him seven years to finally kiss you. Plus with his ginger hair, you’d never lose him in a crowd.

Charlie: If you want a boy who observes everything about you and makes you feel seen, he’s your perfect match. He knows the love you deserve.

Leo: Sure, he might disapprove of your fashion and break your heart , but he’ll immortalize you forever as the girl who got away.

Mr. Rochester: Smoldering and forbidden with secrets in the attic. Hotter when blind?

Laurie: Classic boy next door and the perfect sledding partner, but stay away if you have hot sisters!

Gilbert: Tall and handsome, he’s undaunted by a long distance relationship and isn’t too proud to propose more than once.

Only YOU can decide who will be the MOST SWOON WORTHY!



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