Swoon Madness — Paranormal Pretty Boys, Round One

The March Madness games have begun! Follow PLL all month to place bets on who you think the swooniest boy in YA is!

Each contestant has been carefully chosen by the PLL Trendsetters and the PLL story architects. Join us each week to learn why each YA boy made the cut, and let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree.

YOU voted and Round 1 of Contemporary Cuties and Dystopian Dreamboats has been decided!!! Today we’re looking for the best PARANORMAL PRETTY BOYS that love us despite being totally mortal (or secretly The Most Powerful Being Ever — you know who you are).

Gansey: Gansey is, I suppose, my ideal version of a mysterious guy. Something about his obsession with magic, not to mention his natural mystery, is just so appealing. I think I would want to spend some time with him, just listening to what he has to say. He’s rich and privileged, and yet there is something so obviously sincere about him, it makes me want to know him. (PLL Trendsetter Abbie)

Ethan: Ethan is from the Deep South so you know he has great manners. He’s funny. He’s tall and athletic (best on his basketball team) but he also loves Lena so much that he’s willing to die for her. He goes to the Great Beyond for her. He dreams about her before he even meets her. Swoon. Worthy. (PLL Trendsetter Emily)

The Darkling: I’m not sure what makes me love such an evil (or maybe not so evil, we have to wait for book two to find out) character, but I know I’m not alone. –Maddie

Kingsley: Fdskjfhnsdkfsdha! He’s a sarcastic, bitter, angsty, moody, and depressive vampire who somehow manages to make me fall in love every time I read the books. He’s hard on the outside, but it soft and mushy on the inside. 😉 (PLL Trendsetter Bre)

Dimitri: I have always had an insane infatuation with Russia and the wonderful Dimitri is Russian, so I was hooked on him. Not only that, but he is very protective of his loved ones ,yet not too overbearing, so just the right mix. Guys like Dimitri come off as stand-offish, but surprise the readers when they see just how passionately these types of men can love. (PLL Trendsetter Alexandra)

Sam: Sam Roth is gentleness. Sam embodies just every sweet thing a girl could want. He’s awkward and adorable and so earnestly in love with Grace, and because of him I look for a guy who will fold paper cranes for me. (PLL Trendsetter Corinne)

Jem: Props to Cassie Claire for cooking up such wonderful swoon-worthy men! *round of applause* Jem. Jem. Jem. Even his name is so beautiful. The way he’s so eloquent in his words (lol words are obviously very important to me), and his admission of love to Tessa was moving. (PLL Trendsetter Michelle)

Jace: Who doesn’t love Jace? Does he come off as arrogant and self-absorbed? Absolutely. But we all know that’s just a façade, because he was raised by someone who taught him to love is to destroy. Despite that, he’s still the strongest Shadowhunter, like, ever and falls for Clary so hard it makes your chest hurt. (PLL Trendsetter Emily)

Lincoln: Lincoln is a a kind, and warm-hearted person. He always places his friends and loved ones first, and he always keeps his promises. His reliability is a turn on, something a lot of girls look for in a guy. He is also very sympathetic and empathetic. He can relate to and also soothe someone with his presence. (PLL Trendsetter Alexandra)

Patch: Mysterious and edgy describe the wonderful Patch, whose real name is Jev. His capability to love on such a massive level make me appreciate him so much, not to mention his wit that he uses so often to flirt that it has all the girls swooning. On top of that, he is very protective and caring for Nora since she is all he has left to hold onto in his crazy life. (PLL Trendsetter Alexandra)

Daemon: The cruel and cold front he usually puts up is really just for show—don’t fear it. What I love most about this character is his progressive development into a caring person and his willingness to open up, even just a little, to Katy (a stranger to him). Although he hides a lot, it is only to keep everyone safe, which is usually why he keeps Katy at arms length. However, as the story line progresses, we start to see him change and suddenly he realizes that it is not just about him – but about this new girl whose changed his life, too. (PLL Trendsetter Alexandra)

Prince Ash: Ash is different from the other characters that I have picked because he has a much darker personality. In the beginning of the series, he, as a prince of the Winter Court, was very strict and rarely deviated from the plan. However, as time progressed, he became extremely loyal to Meghan and promised to protect her no matter what. In the last book of the series, Ash goes on a journey to become mortal and be with Meghan for the rest of his life. (PLL Trendsetter Caitlin)

Simon: I always knew Jace and Clary belonged together, but watching Simon struggle with being in love with Clary just broke my heart. He’s so caring, smart, and hilarious, I just love him! (PLL Trendsetter Katherine)

Fang: Fang! This was definitely the first fictional character I have ever fallen in love with. Fang is witty, intelligent and he can fly. I mean, come on! Who doesn’t want a boyfriend with wings? (PLL Trendsetter Michelle)

Hector: Hector is the definition of chivalry. He protects those that he loves even if it means losing everything. (PLL Trendsetter Julianna)

Daniel: Dan is my one and only fictional love (well, there are others, but he is by far my favorite). When you first meet him, he seems very rough and unlikable, but once you get to know him, it turns out he is quite nice and incredibly intelligent. He also wears a cool hat. (PLL Trendsetter Maddie)


Who will YOU pick as the Most Swoon-Worthy Y.A. Boy??!


14 thoughts on “Swoon Madness — Paranormal Pretty Boys, Round One

  1. Patch will always win regardless of who he’s pitted against but why isn’t Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind on this list?

  2. YES! Adam beat Warner ❤ Disappointed that Jem is here and Will isn't. How can you have one TID boy without the other?! Also, Aiden from The Covenant series, Kai from Sweet Evil and Vincent from Die For me should be here. Only then I'd be torn as to who should win!

  3. I’d vote for Astley, pixie King, from the Need series but I don’t see him on this list! Why is he not on this list!?

  4. I’m dissapointed that Daniel Grigori from the Fallen series isn’t here. But I’m very happy about Jace and Patch. ;D

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