Swoon Madness – Contemporary Cuties, Round One!

The March Madness games have begun! Follow PLL all month to place bets on who you think the swooniest boy in YA is!

Each contestant has been carefully chosen by the PLL Trendsetters and the PLL story architects. Join us each week to learn why each YA boy made the cut, and let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree.

Today we’re looking for the best CONTEMPORARY CUTIES to crush on!

Mickey Bolitar:  Athletically talented and good looking, I liked Mickey from the start. But he also is a lover—he fights for that love and is smart on top of all that. He also does what he thinks is right and not what society or popularity tells him to think or do, which is super hard in our culture, so I give him props for that. (PLL Trendsetter Hannah)

Flynt: This boy won’t take you out for dinner and a movie on a date but he will show you Cleveland’s dark and whimsical side. Even if the dreadlocks are a no-go for you, you gotta admit that the bear-eared hat is pretty cute.

Miles: Extremely intelligent and slightly socially awkward, when Miles finds a girl he likes, he falls for her fast — and devastatingly hard.

Oliver: Riding an airplane can be downright uneventful but sitting next to this charming British boy will add new meaning to “love is in the air”.

Augustus: He’s dead sexy, mysterious and well read. Plus, the eulogy he wrote for Hazel made me cry hard enough that I could quench the Sahara Desert. (PLL Trendsetter Michelle)

Bennett: Bennett is the type who thinks. He wants to do what he thinks is best for the girl: he wants to protect her. He is also very mysterious at first, nobody knows him that well. Bennett would do anything and everything for a girl. He would take her to anywhere in the world and always put her first. (PLL Trendsetter Tori)

Alex Fuentes: Alex is the bad boy in a Latino gang. He has dark hair, a toned body, and tattoos. He drives a motorcycle. But there is much more to him…He cares for his family, the people he loves. He hates being in the gang but it is the only way he knows how to protect them, so he puts himself at risk. When he lets a girl into his life, they both risk everything…He is passionate and would do anything and everything to be the perfect boyfriend. (PLL Trendsetter Tori)

Cricket Bell: Cricket is an inventor and a storyteller. He’s so insanely sweet, talented, and he loves completely. (PLL Trendsetter Julianna)

Wes: He’s the ultimate bad boy who’s not a jerk but rather a very nice, sweet, artist who’d love a girl just for who she is! (PLL Trendsetter Kailia)

Kent: This guy is adorable and deep. He’s just this artsy guy hanging out, able to see past all the lies/walls Sam hides behind. He’s always there for her whether she knows it or not… Enough said ❤  (PLL Trendsetter Katherine)

Alex: Alex is very sweet and handsome. He cares about the girl’s feelings and would do anything to make her feel safe. He is trustworthy and romantic. He is a loving father to his children, making it known that he is passionate and wants another future. He will make a commitment and love you forever. (PLL Trendsetter Tori)

Adam: He is sweet and thoughtful. He stuck by Mia even when she was in a coma, which is something some guys would balk from. And he’s a musician! (PLL Trendsetter Nicole)

Corey: When Sid needed him the most, Corey was such a sweet, honest guy who loved Sid no matter what. He’s a guy who’d always be there for his girl. (PLL Trendsetter Kailia)

Jason: A total prankster with hidden boy-you-bring-home-to-meet-your-parents qualities.

Jase: He’s such a nice, sweet guy who loves him family but loves you too. Can’t argue with that. (PLL Trendsetter Kailia)

Etienne: To me, Etienne is dreamy the way movie stars are (or, at least the way movie stars appear to be): he’s perfect. He has the full package, he’s handsome and British and witty, and his relationship with Anna is just so darn adorable that you can’t help wanting him to be YOUR boyfriend, even as you’re very happy for the two of them. (PLL Trendsetter Abbie)

You have until 9PM EST on March 4th to vote in this first round of Contemporary Cuties! 

Up Next: On March 5th, the polls open for Dystopian Dreamboats!

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