PLL is going crazy with SWOON MADNESS!!!

Let the March Madness games begin! Which YA boy will be deemed the most “swoon-worthy?”

Only YOU can decide!

Click to enlarge!
Click to enlarge!

Each contestant has been carefully selected by the PLL Trendsetters and the PLL story architects. Join us each week to learn why each YA boy made the cut, and let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree.

Do you think we left anyone out? Tell us about it!

Who will be voted the 2013 MOST SWOON-WORTHY BOY???


28 thoughts on “PLL is going crazy with SWOON MADNESS!!!

  1. Sean Kendrick from the Scorpio Races, Mackie Doyle from the Replacement, Minho from the Maze Runner, Mal from Shadow and Bone, Patrick (or Hamloaf) from the Catastrophic History of You and Me

  2. Definitely a Paranormal Pretty Boy. If I choose one on the list I’d pick Daemon. Lizzy Ford’s twins from Witchlings Series deserve a vote for runner up though not on list

  3. it is so hard to choose. I fell for demitri from vampire academy first but then I meet daemon black and i’d have to vote for him just because of the way he falls for kat

  4. I wish Aidan from the Covenant series was on here. 😦 I guess I’m left with Daemon (no complaining there LOL)

  5. Oh my goodness,you pitied 3 of my Paranormal Pretty Boys against each other! Daemon,Jace and Dimitri! I love Dimitri but I can let him go but Daemon and Jace are my boys I can’t pick between them! My Dystopian Dreamboat is Tobias and Classic Catch is Noah.

  6. Will Herondale – The infernal Devices
    Aidan St Delphi – Covenant series
    Finn Belastra – Born Wicked
    Kaiden Rowe – Sweet Evil
    Vincent Delacroix – Die For Me
    Noah Hutchins – Pushing the Limits
    Noah Shaw – Mara Dyer series

    Add these babes and it’ll be perfect ❤

    Out of the ones that are up there tho, Tobias to win

  7. Okay, I’m torn! Alex from Perfect Chemistry ( and he was perfect) or Daemon from the LUX series ( he’s enough to make every girl swoon!) Decisions, decisions!

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