“First (Literary) Loves Never Die” Poll!

NotesFromGhostTownTeam PLL’s very pumped that “Notes from Ghost Town” by the lovely Kate Ellison hits stores on Valentine’s Day this week! It’s an emotional novel about this girl Olivia who tries moving on with her life after Stern, her best friend/first love, is murdered. But when Stern returns as a ghost less frightening than The Woman in Black (we’re talking book version here, not movie) but a little edgier than Casper, he sets Olivia down the path to solving the mystery behind his murder.

The book is very haunting and romantic and had us all lamenting our favorite literary heroes that have met an untimely death. So we’re running a poll to respect our first literary loves who died way too soon with some fan favorites (provided by our awesome PLL Trendsetters) already posted in but please add on! (The first love can be platonic. The only requirement is that you have to ugly-cry miss them.)

There are SPOILERS for anyone who hasn’t read:
-“The Fault in our Stars” by John Green
-The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins
-The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling (These people don’t actually exist, do they?)
-“Before I Fall” by Lauren Oliver.

Let us know your response below and we’ll randomly select one participant to win a copy of “Notes from Ghost Town” on Valentine’s Day! Contest is open internationally!
xoxo PLL


9 thoughts on ““First (Literary) Loves Never Die” Poll!

  1. I chose Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars. I really wish he “lived” longer in the story to get to know him more. Thanks for the opportunity to win “Notes from Ghost Town” 🙂

  2. It had to be Augustus Waters from TFIOS for me. His death, although foretold from the start, literally devastated me – I couldn’t stop crying. His character was beautiful, his death poignant and moving and I just wish he had longer so we could see Hazel and Augustus’ love grow more.

  3. Finnick from The Hunger Games. His character reminded me a bit of Chris Keller (played by Tyler Hilton) on One Tree Hill. Which Tyler Hilton – swoon! I loved with Finnick his character seemed kind of flat just the “playboy” but then we really got to know him and I saw a character who I wish I could jump into his world to be with – though maybe not fight to the death.

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