The Toolbox Lite: First Intros and First Pages

Hello all! Beth here. I hope you remember our first ever The Toolbox feature last month. Our editors, Lexa Hillyer and Lauren Oliver, had a great time doing it and we want to continue bringing you monthly sessions with writing and publishing pro tips.

But in the meantime, we will be bringing you The Toolbox Lite each month AS WELL! This mid-month piece (I know… I’m a bit late this month) will feature myself and PLL’s other staffers, from our Assistant Editors down to our interns. We’ll be here to answer your questions about PLL and take suggestions for future Toolbox segments.

PLUS, we’ll be previewing what the next segment of The Toolbox will cover and give you a chance to ask any burning questions on the topic so that we can try and be as comprehensive as possible.

So here’s your mission (we hope you accept it):

1) Leave us questions for the next segment of The Toolbox Lite! Ask us anything and maybe you’ll see your question answered next time. We’ll even try and do it in video form! Oooooooo.

2) Submit any questions you have that you’d like answered in future segments of The Toolbox by Lexa and Lauren.

3) Get ready for next month’s The Toolbox: Writing the first page. What makes a good first page? What’s a hook? How do you decide where to begin? Do you have any specific questions on this topic? Let us know! The Toolbox will come out during the first week of August.

Leave any and all of these in the comments and we (I) will set about sorting them all into the proper inboxes =)

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see what you have to ask!



One thought on “The Toolbox Lite: First Intros and First Pages

  1. I have big problems with writers block, do you all have that problem, and if so, how do you combat it?


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