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SPLINTERED—a new tale of mad hatters and major hotties 

Hers is no ordinary wonderland. Just because feisty skater chick Alyssa happens to be the great granddaughter of THE Alice—that’s right, the one who caused an uproar in Wonderland—doesn’t mean her journey is going to be the stuff of childhood fantasy. How is she supposed to know if her nightmares are the result of insanity, or if they’re real?

Luckily for her (and for us), she’s got a couple of very hot guys around to help her out.

First there’s Jeb—a sweet best friend turned adorable crush who bravely joins her on a weird, epic, disturbing and exciting adventure back into her past as well as—you got it—Wonderland. But poor Jeb’s got competition with sexy goth-ish Morpheus, their guide to this strange new world and possibly the one who holds the answers Alyssa has desperately been looking for.

Here’s one thing we won’t answer: whether she ends up with Morpheus or Jeb. You’ll have to read to find out.

Madder than the Hatter’s tea party and way more fun, A.G. Howard’s Splintered is a beautifully-evoked, lush, wild tale of illusions, hysteria, magic and love.

~Lauren Oliver

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5 thoughts on “Win a FREE Copy of Splintered!

    1. Ha HA! Yes! Lauren wrote the review but I (Beth) wrote the bottom matter and I have dual fascinations with Alice in Wonderland and terrible jokes so it worked out perfectly! Muahaha! I’m glad someone got it. 🙂

      1. Thank you Beth and Lauren for the awesome write up (and the fun contest!). Coming home to this was more exciting than shooting fireworks at the lake on the fourth! BTW, Beth, you are a punny gal. Heehee

  1. SQUEE! I’ve been lucky enough to read this book a time or two, and you nailed it. LUSH is the perfect word to describe this Wonderland!! (And for the record, TEAM JEB RULES!)

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