Hot Reads for the Summertime

Forget beach volleyball, there are books to be read! Find a good beach chair (and a good beach umbrella), put on your coolest shades and get down to some bookish business with these top summer reads from PLL authors!

Lauren Morrill says:

The Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty is LEGIT on my desert island list. I could read those books over and over!

Jacqueline Green says:

Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite ‘summer’ books!

Fiona Paul says:

A quintessential summer book has got to be Siobhan Vivian’s Same Difference. It’s full of Starbucks and poolside tanning and new friends and old friends and quirky art camp escapades. Honestly, it’s the book that brought me back to writing after I had given it up for a few years.

Ellie Rollins says:

I think mine would have to be Daughter of Smoke and Bone, by Lainie Taylor.

These books are a great start, but we want to assemble the ULTIMATE Top YA Summer Reads list and we need your help! Leave us YOUR fave summer read in the comments, on Facebook or tweet it at us at @paperlanternlit!

We’ll collect your picks through the end of the month and release a full list in August. Then let’s all see how many we can read before summer is over!

Looking forward to seeing your favorites!


5 thoughts on “Hot Reads for the Summertime

  1. Oh boy.
    Summer reading! I made the mistake of reading Never Let Me Go on a beach. That was NOT a beach read as good as it was.

    My YA picks are:
    Invincible Summer by Hannah Moskowitz (several summers, brothers, family, a girl, tragedy, awesomeness. Hannah’s the queen of poignant teenage voice and writing siblings)
    Brooklyn, Burning by Steve Brezenoff (at no point are either of the main characters’ genders given, PLUS it’s a beautiful teen love story with a twist and a compelling voice.)
    First Comes Love by Katie Kackivnsky (super sweet, well written, strong love story)

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