Win a FREE Copy of Lies Beneath

Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown is spectacularly creepy, and how can it not be when it features a family of ruthless mermaids living in the cold depths of Lake Superior? Calder White and his sisters exist by hunting humans and retaining their positive energy (like I said, this isn’t a bedtime story). To avenge their mother’s death, the sisters cook up a scheme to kill her assumed murderer, a man named Jason Hancock, by involving his daughter, Lily. As the only boy in the family–and a conveniently very good-looking and charismatic one at that–Calder poses as a human on land to get close to Lily.

Although merpeople are the stuff of legend, Brown managed to make this eerie, dark myth into an almost believable one. But these merpeople are not from the vivid and joyous world we’ve come to love in The Little Mermaid. Calder is no Prince Charming, and his sisters are as evil as it gets. Lies Beneath has all the trappings of a great beach read.

Or, on second thought, maybe you should devour this one on the subway.

Enter to win a FREE copy from us on Facebook. Enter by 6/15 to win.


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