Ask A Dad!

In response to the popular “Ask A Grown Man” videos from Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd and just in time for Father’s Day (June 17), we bring you “Ask a Dad: Summer Blockbuster Edition.” Lauren Oliver’s dad, to be exact!

Thanks to all the readers who submitted questions.

PLL: What do you think about the hype surrounding The Avengers? Is it deserved?

Dad: Actually I think the hype is a little understated.  Having seen The Avengers twice so far, I can confidently say that it is not only the greatest movie ever made but arguably the highest human achievement in the entire realm of art.

PLL: Do you think high-school Spider-Man was really as badass as the promos make him out to be? I imagine more acne. 

Dad: Frankly, I don’t quite see Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.  I don’t recall that Pete had acne in the early Steve Ditko-drawn Spidey comics but, if memory serves, he did wear sweater vests to class, so maybe they should have cast Rick Santorum.

PLL: Men in Black III came out at the end of May. Do you think it’s a tired franchise or do you like the movie’s tongue-in-cheek humor?

Dad: I’m not sure that finding Men in Black a “tired franchise” and enjoying its “tongue-in-cheek humor” are mutually exclusively categories, since there are many tired franchises I enjoy (see: Final Destination 5).  Mostly I’m looking forward to seeing Josh Brolin’s impression of Tommy Lee Jones.

PLL: Prometheus, the prequel to 1979’s Alien, premieres on June 8th. Without Sigourney Weaver is this doomed to fail or are you excited for it?

Dad: Much as I enjoyed seeing Sigourney Weaver strip to her bikini panties in the original Alien, what I really seek from the franchise are scenes of slimy, crablike creatures attaching themselves to people’s faces. Judging from the trailers, I won’t be disappointed in Prometheus.

PLL: With so many great TV shows having their season premieres this month and last (I’m looking at you Mad Men and True Blood), will this be the summer of TV or movies?

Dad: I really can’t judge what will be on TV this summer since I plan to be in my local multiplex watching The Avengers over and over.

Tell us, readers, what summer blockbusters are you most looking forward to? Books OR movies!


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