Win one (or both!) of TWO free books

This month we are giving away TWO fabulous books. This isn’t a belated April Fool’s prank–don’t miss out 

Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood
Cate Cahill can make flowers bloom in the dead of winter or send a teacup flying straight at your head (without touching it)—which is why we LOVE her. But in a society where magic is forbidden and witches fear for their lives, Cate and her two younger sisters are in great danger of being exposed. Not knowing who to trust, she’ll need to balance tea parties and gentleman callers with her ever growing powers. A prophecy, a forbidden romance, and a cliffhanger ending will leave you breathless.

Illuminate by Amiee Agresti
Haven Terra’s life has been blissfully normal ever since she was found abandoned in a ditch with no memory at five years old. But when she gets invited to intern at Chicago’s swankiest new hotel, her life goes from plain to fabulous almost overnight! But soon she’s getting creepy messages from a mysterious book, running for her life in secret passages and trying to figure out how to prevent the hotel staff from stealing the souls of her entire high school class! Her only ally is secret Clark Kent-esque cutie Lance, who we almost wouldn’t mind selling our souls for… Evil and intrigue, a clever, kickass heroine and a sweet, sexy hero? We’ll take it!

Enter to win one–or both–of these two titles on our Facebook! 

Have you read either of these yet? Give us YOUR reviews in the comments!


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