PLL Party Time Times Two!

Continuing the theme of double trouble for April 2…

PLL celebrated Leap Day with a fabulous dual launch party for Lauren Oliver’s Pandemonium and Kate Ellison’s The Butterfly Clues. We read, we reveled, we raffled! Thanks to fabulous raffle participation we were able to donate over $500 to non-profit literacy organization 826NYC. We’d like to thank everyone who came out to support the authors and 826NYC‘s great cause.

Highlights included:

  • Tim Ditlow of Amazon Publishing was the lucky winner of framed original artwork by Kate Ellison herself.
  • Gift cards for Anthropologie and Freemans were doled out. Lauren Oliver even won a prize!
  • Jon Sciezka gets virtual smooches for buying the most raffle tickets.
  • We hear author Lev Grossman made a few ladies faint.
  • The snazzily-dressed ladies behind mtv.com and seventeen.com were seen flitting about with signature cocktails in hand.

Check out more photos from the party on our Facebook and Flikr and buy Pandemonium and The Butterfly Clues now in stores everywhere!


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