The Other Spring Fever

Spring has finally sprung! Well, it’s actually been here for weeks now thanks to this freakishly warm weather we’ve been having on the East coast. Some say global warming. We say it’s Mother Nature’s way of comforting us after that horrible winter last year.

This season is the time for new dresses, weekend trips with your girlfriends, and seething in annoyance as couples make out in subway entrances. The term “spring fever,” or “love is in the air” are often used to describe those warm, honeymoon feelings one gets at the start of a new relationship. Spring helps everyone shake off the sadness from a gloomy winter and leap into the arms of a new squeeze.

Well, there’s also the other spring fever–the one that no one wants to talk about it when they’re happy and in love. This specific fever describes the slightly crazy things we’ll do for the attention of the ones we love.

We’ve all been there. There’s no way else to say it–lovesickness sucks–especially when Hallmark is telling us to be in love.

Paper Lantern Lit would love to hear some stories about the awful or hilarious, retrospectively embarrassing or even successful things you’ve done for love. For example, I, intern Carla, ran my car into a snowbank after driving through tears to tell my high school ex that we were meant to be! After a humiliating and silent car ride home from him, I decided I’d save my craziness for someone who was, you know, actually worth it!

Comment below, send an email, or post on our Facebook because the best ones will be featured in April’s newsletter! We’ve all lost our senses at one time, so let’s commiserate and laugh together!



6 thoughts on “The Other Spring Fever

  1. Took my beagle on a 6-day transatlantic cruise aboard the Queen Mary 2 so we could move to Holland to be with my now-husband.

  2. I showed up on my fiance at the time’s doorstep to try and work out our relationship when he started to get cold feet. This sounds normal, until I tell you that he lived 3,500 miles away on a different continent, and I didn’t tell him I was coming before I booked the flight…
    It was a good 10 days together, and I think it’s the reason we were able to stay friends after things fell apart, but… yeah, it was pretty nuts at the time!

  3. I came out of the closet for a dude who wasn’t actually gay himself — but I had to be sure, right?

    Bright side: I learned I wasn’t some heartless robot incapable of loving another.

    Downside: I was wrong!

    1. Sharing your feelings with someone is such a brave and courageous thing to do. Even if it didn’t turn out how you wanted it to at least you were honest with yourself, and I greatly admire you for that!

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