Buh-bye, Dust Bunnies!

Spring is a time for new beginnings… and, of course, the ritual Spring Cleaning. We’re so ready to get our Martha Stewart on and help tidy up the messes made by certain media outlets this month:

ESPN: The well-known sports network got slammed when they posted a ridiculously racist headline after a Knicks’ loss. C’mon, copyeditors! If you need a lame but at least politically-correct pun, give Billy Crystal a call. He was full of ’em at the Oscars!

Goodreads: As a site designed expressly for bookworms, this social reading network must have a shocking lack of nerdy friends. Hey guys-next time you need to make a data move that will leave thousands of users picking up the slack, just ask for help. We hear the Geek Squad is great.

Twitter: Everyone’s favorite micro-blogging platform has recently been caught snooping on users’ iPhone address books. Time to do a little sweeping (or maybe a full vacuum?) of those user agreements so we all know what we’re signing up for!

What news item do you think could use a good spring polish?

Or, on a more personal note, are you gearing up for Spring Cleaning? I was going to pare down my shoe collection this year, but then I realized that was just silly.

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