PLL’s Fave TV Kisses

Whether you have a Valentine of your own, or plan to spend the day snuggling with a pile of Hershey’s wrappers, it’s hard not to get in the V-Day spirit after watching these clips of our top prime-time smooches.

Friday Night Lights

Luckily the paralysis didn’t affect his lips!

The O.C

This is the only time we’ve ever cheered after a large, dangerous piece of machinery broke down, leaving a disconcerted crowd of people dangling in mid-air.

Pretty Little Liars 

From devious blind girls to estranged birth parents, nothing will stop Hannah and Caleb’s love.

Joan of Arcadia 

Sleeper pick here: who knew that a dreamy song + science fair hijinks + flying chicken feathers could make for some serious romance?

Veronica Mars

Nothing says true love like a near death experience! (Bonus points for the spinning camera action.)

Bonus Kiss!

Freaks and Geeks

They might not be sexiest of couples, but who can forget when Bill and Vicky ended up in the closet for 7 Minutes in Heaven… and lost track of time?


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