We Resolve You Should…

PLL makes newsy New Year’s resolutions for those in need!

The New York Times did a piece on economic indicators this month, and it turns out that when people buy nail polish, it means the economy is headed for a downturn. We hope everyone resolves to get manicures this year-we’ll join you!

-Amazon established a clever discount app, which left many bookstores none-too-pleased. Resolution: they should seriously consider selling champagne–they’ll need it to celebrate taking over the world, and we wouldn’t mind the 5% off!

-Kinky congressman Anthony Weiner just had a baby. We assume he’s resolving to share photos of little-Weiner-only from now on.

-There’s no bigger bummer than catching photos of your dad picking out your Christmas gifts on the evening news, so we think President Obama should resolve to do more of his shopping online. (Has he tried Amazon? We hear they have great deals…)

-This month, Wimpy Kid Inc sued Zombie Kid for being a copycat, but we think the wimps should resolve to cut the zombies some slack next year–don’t they realize imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Besides, in a battle, zombies always win because they’re invincible and eat brains. Duh!

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook wall!


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